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Baby Got Book

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That's the funniest video I've seen in months! What a hoot!

I feel stupid, but I don't get it. Is it supposed to be satiric anti-evangelical or just a funny way to promote Bible reading, or what?

Speaking of hilarious short videos, we shd. get Zippy to repost "Profess Chalcedon or take a Beatin'" that he put up on his blog. That's the funniest one I've seen in a year or two.

Lydia: The video is a parody of an old hip-hop video, "Baby Got Back." (The original is referring to his girlfriend's "junk in the trunk," so to speak).

It's a funny way to promote Bible reading.


we shd. get Zippy to repost "Profess Chalcedon or take a Beatin'"
Sadly it is no longer on YouTube. Maybe a copy will turn up out "in the ether" somewhere. Man it was hysterical.

I think the wider cultural reference (I am embarrassed to point out) is toward: "Baby, got Back", a late hip-hop anthem, which begins, "I like big butts and I cannot lie..."

It is funny. Unfortunately, its indiscriminate aping of the utterly degenerate surrounding culture is more of a symptom of a problem, than a solution. It would better to be funny without pretending to have a serious message.

Unfortunately, Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" may be seen and heard here.

Worth watching, if you're not familiar with hip-hop and would like a relatively innocuous introduction.

Sir Mix-A-Lot's diction is generally excellent, but if you have trouble following what he's saying and would like to find out, you might like to check out this parody in the style of Gilbert & Sullivan.

Thanks, Steve, for the link to that Gilbert & Sullivan parody, which features, as a masterful finishing touch, a closing note-card bearing the words "Libretto by Sir Mix-A-Lot." Priceless.

That was fun to watch.

Perhaps I'm reading too much into it, but is the "And if you're Catholic, there's even more!" line a sign of a new spirit of ecumenism among young Evangelical Protestants?

Hey, Zippy & co, I found Deacon Payne. It's on Myspace here


HT to some German (?yes?) blogger who is evidently a seminarian and put it up here


In his words, "Enorm hilarisch."

Frank's main post was what you might call an evangelical parody. This is a funny Catholic video, based on Mundeleine Seminary and apparently a parody of a "boot camp" video that's out there.

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