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(HT: Dean Barnett, Weekly Standard blog)

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Ha ha! Well done! That was good digging Dr. Beckwith! Who else would have thought of putting those two pics together!?

I (for one) was thrilled about Senator McCain's choice. I was never totally comfortable with Sen. McCain. But, I was always extremely uncomfortable with Sen. Obama.

With Governor Palin on the ticket, I haven't any doubts.

I live in an overwhelmingly left-leaning city here in Iowa. My wife and I have often joked that our house or one of our vehicles might be a target for vandalism if we dared any sort of public display of our support for an evil Republican - in terrible contrast to the sea of "Hope" everywhere. Now, we are seriously considering a healthy sized “McCain and Palin '08” sign for the front yard!

One of my fears is that the local Planned Parenthood and Emma Goldman "clinics" would see increased business... and that the Johnson County Right to Life, and all the pro-life organizations in the country, would suffer from some significant “broken bones” if Obama were to be elected. I am less fearful that that may happen now.

In my opinion - today was not only a great day for the pro-life community, but for our country.

Dominus Vobiscum

Attaboy, Frank. Keep her on top of the page. (Although, to be perfectly fair, shouldn't she be juxtaposed with Biden?) You might have put this picture next to Obama's.

More of this? I remember this sort of thing being everywhere in Republican circles back in 2004. OK, so Palin is cooler. But is she an actual conservative? An appropriate choice for VP? Someone we want a heartbeat from the Presidency? Kind of a different set of questions.


I thinks the idea is for the person who literally could be a heart beat away from the presidency, to look good, and echo their wants, not what is good for the country or whether they would be good at being a president.

Can somebody please explain to me why a motorcycle is considered more virtous than a bicycle? If this is the culture you promote, it's sick and not very in line with Christianity.

There's a religious issue at work here, Minion? That's literally laughable. You're really reaching. I don't think anybody is trying to suggest that a motorcycle is more virtuous than a bicycle, and I'm not even sure it's entirely about the ride. Your post seems like a classic example of progressives transforming EVERYTHING human beings do into an issue of urgent moral concern (while accusing rightists of being moral bullies, naturally).

It's called humor, MM. I doubt Frank intends this as a lesson in moral education.

It's called humor, MM.

This comment is useful only on the assumption that MM has a sense of it.

What a woman.

Sarah Palin is the first major-party candidate for national office in *24 years* who makes me feel like voting.

Thanks Michael. It was meant to be humorous.

Thanks for the pictures. It tells the most important story yet. One is of a father, who cares about the environment and takes time to be with his kids, the other is of a person who has very small children and a baby at home, who if they should become president, will suddenly not see much of mommy. One great irony in the Family values crowd. Also telling is her odd behavior towards the health of her children.

Gregg Erickson: You are right: smart and tenacious are good words to describe our governor. She was in Texas this spring when her water broke. Rather than staying there to have the baby, she jumped on a plan for an 11-hour flight back to Alaska, so her baby would be a "Alaskan-born."

Rather than staying there to have the baby, she jumped on a plan for an 11-hour flight back to Alaska, so her baby would be a "Alaskan-born."

Is that paleo, or what? Blood and soil!

I like her even more.


You sound like Socrates' friends in the Crito: don't take the poison, since your children need you. Socrates' answer: they need a father who acts courageously for what is right. It is a bad example to lack courage at a time in history when the common good hangs in the balance.

Gee, is Russ a traditionalist on gender roles? That's the _only_ way his comment _might_ make some sense. Y'know--It's okay for a man to try to become President, even though this will mean less time with his children, but it's not okay for a woman to try to become VP, because she has to stay with her children. I'm just looking for some consistency here. I was under the impression that Russ is a liberal, and hence I would have assumed a feminist. But who knows?


The point about the airplane was, I assume too much, was that flying at that stage is dangerous for the baby, something about air pressure.


Does her husband strike you as a stay at home dad? I admired T.R. Roosevelt and they had a bundle of kids, and one parent dedicated to raising them. She strikes as a very nice person, but dangling babies and leader of a troubled world, doesn't seem to be a good combination. I'm actually more a moderate, and an ideologue.

Can somebody please explain to me why a motorcycle is considered more virtous than a bicycle?

And here I am thinking that it's all about the legs...

...was that flying at that stage is dangerous for the baby, something about air pressure.

I wouldn't assume too much here. Private aircraft have many options that airline passengers do not have.

What a shame Christ isn't on McCain's ticket. All these whine-a-thons would (finally) come to a screeching halt, and for good.

The photos are FUNNY, just funny, no moral intended, no need to look for one. You're beginning to sound like, uh, liberals.

JUST LAUGH (and try to tell me that helmet isn't the dorkiest thing...)


If that is the case, then it's not so bad, but our child was born 2 hours after the water broke, wasn't it reckless to chance fate, so your baby can be born in Alaska? If it were Nebraska, yes, but Alaska?

"I ride a Schwinn."
"I ride a Harley."

"I was a community organizer in Chicago."
"I am the Governor of the largest state in the union because I fought special interests and corruption."

"A healthy unplanned child is punishment and thus not entitled to its parents' love."
"An unhealthy unplanned child is difficult, but no less entitled to its parents' love"

"I went to a Bears game."
"I killed bears for game."

"I support the 2nd amendment."
"I live the 2nd amendment."

I guess, afterall, comments were necessary, Mr Beckwith. Sometimes, I imagine, ya just gotta spell it out...

...but our child was born 2 hours after the water broke, wasn't it reckless to chance fate, so your baby can be born in Alaska?
I suppose it depends on circumstances. There may have been a doctor on board, and probably was at least a midwife. Even if there was not, Palin was probably less than an hour from being in a hospital bed during most phases of the flight, if that had been necessary.

When I fly my little propeller plane, which is a lot slower than a private jet, I am rarely more than a few minutes away from an airport. Of course I generally fly around the east coast and midwest, and the airports are fewer and further between up there; but those private jets also go a heckuva lot faster. I had to divert over Illinois for a passenger on a recent flight, and we were on the ground within ten minutes of it first coming up. That ten minutes had given me time to be choosy about where to land; we could have gotten down faster if necessary, and air traffic control could have had an ambulance waiting in a real emergency.

I expect many babies are born without as good a margin as she had during the flight, without anyone blinking over the risks; but I don't know the route or equipment they flew or anything like that, and I don't know the territory from a pilot's perspective, so I can't really render a personal judgment. (Note though that Palin is a pilot and owns a float plane; not uncommon in Alaska). All I can say is that it isn't obvious to me that she was worse off riskwise doing that than (say) just being in Skagway or Ketchikan at a meeting as opposed to Anchorage.

It was her fifth child. One does get an inductive sense of these things. Based on my inductive sense, I would never do that. Obviously, my experience is different from Mrs. Palin's. After all, her child _was_ Alaskan born, so it worked. Mine, under similar circumstances would (with near certainty) have been born in the air. You work with the info. you have.

Thanks Zippy


We thought, after our fast baby, we'd better be prepared to hurry to the hospital-he was born 9 hours later!

Mr. Beckwith, no posts on the Obama-Palin one-on-one basketball match?

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