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Biden gaffe watch: if Palin really cared for disabled children, she would support stem-cell research

Looks like Biden is Trigger happy:

This event was the rare one at which Biden took questions that one of them was not about his counterpart on the Republican ticket, Gov. Sarah Palin. But he did refer to her when one woman asked about how he and Obama would help those with disabilities. In her convention speech, Palin said she’d be a voice for parents with children with special needs, noting her newborn son, Trig, who has Down’s Syndrome. “I hear all this talk about how the Republicans are going to work in dealing with parents who have … the joy and the difficulty of raising a child who has a developmental disability,” said Biden, who’s wife is a teacher. “Well guess what folks? If you care about it, why don't you support stem cell research?”

The Catholic Church holds, and Mother Teresa held, the same position that Biden is attacking. Is Biden suggesting that John Paul II and Mother Teresa didn't care about disabled children?

That Biden, a real class act.

(Update: From a commentator ["george"] at the Commentary Mag blog: "it is absolutely impossible to treat trisomy 21 with stem cells. EVERY cell in the baby’s body has an extra chromosome 21. One would have to physically replace every cell in the baby’s body to see an effect. Not only is Biden a boor, he is a scientific illiterate. Just what we need in charge.")


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I was watching the DNC when Biden's story was playing on the screen. It was a real tear-jerker; the part about him losing his wife and child in a car accident as he was about to take his oath of office as a young first term Senator was really emotional. Then his son got up to introduce him, telling of how Biden had commuted back and forth to Washington all those years so he could be home with his surviving motherless children everyday. This was even more emotionally heart-wrenching than the video.

And then Biden got on stage and opened his mouth...

He'da been better off just to keep it shut.

Among other things, Biden's bio was meant to evoke sympathy.

Never vote for a candidate on the basis of sympathy. Vote with your head, not your heart. Hearts cast stupid votes.

Biden has Ted Turner's disease. Give him a microphone and a few minutes and he cannot help but say something offensive and stupid. He is so blissfully unaware of how he comes across that he is not capable of editing himself.

The debate will be an adventure!

Imagine McCain responding to this? Maybe the Dems are playing a clumsy game of triangulation.

Last night I watched an 1996 Alaska Gubernatorial Debate at www.c-spanarchives.org. Sarah Palin was up against a couple of very bright and competitive debaters - former Governor Tony Knowles (D) and Independent Andrew Halcro. The debate was thorough and rigorous and Governor Palin showed herself to be smart and professional. Based upon her performance in that debate, I predict she will acquit herself very well against Biden. She has a Reganesque "horsesense" which helps her to find practical, commonsense ways of addressing and explaining difficult questions. She may well "lose" the debate on points but wind up "winning" with the voters based upon her humanity and likeability. Or, she may clean Biden's clock outright ....

Biden's challenge on this issue is an excellent opportunity for Palin to educate the public, and possibly even her running mate on this issue. She has move her life story move from the foreground, and let it serve instead as the compelling back-drop to an intelligent and compassionate advocacy. What she cannot do is finesse the issue and hope to win the day on style points. The time for substance is here. Handled correctly, Palin will strike a blow that resonates beyond the election, while at the same time leaving an awkward Biden to contend with the the prelates of his own Church.

edit from the department of redundancy department;

She has to move her life story from the foreground, and let it serve instead as the compelling back-drop to an intelligent and compassionate advocacy.

Victory in a Presidential debate is seldom ever about wonkishness or a seeming command of the facts. Every moment from a Presidential (or VP) debate that has gone on to become famous has been personal in nature. Nobody remembers the content of the Nixon-Kennedy debate, but everybody can recite the significance of Nixon's age in that setting. "You're no Jack Kennedy" is utterly without policy content. And I'm beginning to agree with those, like Daniel Larison, who argue that deep and obvious policy expertise is probably a disadvantage in American campaign politics.

The upshot, to my mind, is that Palin doesn't need to be a propeller-beanie type when the lights come on, and she's probably better off not being one. The left is terrified of her, and they should be. All she has to be is competent and relatively well-versed on the big issues. Now, I've no doubt that the press who put on the debates will lay all sorts of traps, as they did for Al Sharpton in 2004, in an attempt to reveal that she's not the wizened policy guru that Biden supposedly is. But my bet is that it will backfire if Biden tries to hammer her on this point, and backfire badly, just as it did with Kerry and Bush. If Palin's nomination and the ensuing furor has demonstrated anything, it is the primacy of the personal and the cultural in contemporary, television-driven campaigning (that's if the rise of Obamamania didn't already have you convinced).

My expectation is that Biden will play the "religious extremist" and "out of touch with the mainstream" cards in the debate. He will try to paint her as a dangerous nut with issues like abortion, stem cell research, global warming, and creationism. It is a very old Democrat game and Biden has played it effectively in confirmation hearings with Thomas, Bork, Myers and others ...

Again, based upon the Alaska debate, Palin seems nuanced and astute enough to avoid that sort of trap.

A campaign in which the candidates are mere symbols and the rhetoric either vague and elliptical, or shallow and ugly, will not yield much in the way of governance. An infotainment culture may be incapable of self-governance. Should the election end today, what could the victor possibly claim as a mandate:
the right to place lipstick on community organizers?

If Palin cared for disabled children she would stay at home and raise one! God asks this of Mothers of special children. Most marriages with disabled children fail.

Palin dishonored her daughter by parading her daughter's sin in front of the world to have stones cast at her.

Palin is an arrogant woman parading as a Christian."Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the Earth."

"Judge not..."
"Treat others..."

A Christian Mother of a 15 year old disabled child

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