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We are the children.....for Obama

I couldn't watch this for more than a minute:

But it still inspired this ditty:

Hail Barack, transcending race, the lawyers are with thee
Blessed are thou among candidates
And chosen is the fruit of thy loins, Griswold

Holy Barack, son of Barack
Pay for us, consumers
Now and at the hour of our debt

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For our children.

Except for those whom we abort?

I don't know, man. The kids say Obama's gonna change it.

Cuz we all know children aren't easier to train than circus animals.

Part of me is interested to see that stone mill tied around the choir director's neck. But only part.

I especially liked the end where it just sort of degenerated into noise. Reminded me of Jack Kevorkian's artwork . . . in a good way.

Creepy, just creepy. It's like Children of the Corn in Obamaland. For a movement that's complained about internet speculation that Obama might be the Antichrist, they're awfully anxious to engage in this kind of insistent Messiah-worship.

Child abuse.

Could watch the thing for longer than a minute, you say? Good for you. I cried uncle after about 32 seconds, but now I have this inexplicable craving for a Coke. Why is that? Regarding his 'use' of the children--maybe another time.

A minute? I tapped out at 19 seconds. Life's too short for that kind of thing.

I've never actually met a lefty with sufficiently bad taste to find this sort of thing anything but painful & embarassing.

And he's using children in this ad because of his great love for them? If nothing else the Obama campaign has yet produced convinced me that he is, by far, one of the crudest opportunists to run for office, this video did the job.

Indeed, the man has just proven, beyond doubt, he's cretinous beast.

Technically, I think this is independent from the official Obama crew and Obama didn't give it his thumbs up (however I don't see why he wouldn't). As one commentor posing as Obama put it: "I don't know what the big deal is... I think these punishments have lovely singing voices."

Video is gone now, as soon as it was picked up by the conservative blogosphere it was flushed down the memory hole.

It's back up.

Makes me nostalgic for Protestant Sunday School. Our little songs and hand motions may have been corny and sentimental, but at least we were worshipping the actual Messiah.

I am certain that these wanted products of conception are fully aware of all of Obama's policies and are participating in this of their own volition. You guys turned it off too early. It didn't get super creepy until the last minute.

when I saw this, I could only think " Holy Cow! This is like watchin' North Koreans immortalizing Most Glorious Leader Kim Junk Ill!"

When I watched the video, I was struck by how gifted the children were. How is it that ones so young could master and memorize the entire corpus of Barak's speeches? Astounding.

Perhaps Charles understands that to have a conservative movement you need the nation to continue.


Yet these same liberal clowns got all serious, moralistic, and uptight about 'Jesus Camp.' Go figure.

The parents who let their kids be used like this are certifiable. But then, they're the ones who've done the 'conditioning.'

I don't know people, it doesn't look to me like it was put out by Obama's side but the opposite. Look at the web site that goes along with it, now that is creepy. It makes me wonder how such intelligent people could so easily be fooled.

For the person who made the abortion comment-......woman should have a choice of what they would like to do with their bodies. Barack Obama is for choice. Would you like a older version of George Bush controlling what u can and cant do with your personal body. Wow im 13 and i have more sense than you mccain people do. tht is very said. I hope you kno wen u vote for mccain u vote for palin...bcause granpa is gonna die sooon. Palin is a beauty queen, a hockey mom, not a vice president. I think i have said it all.

My faith in the future generation is suddenly restored for some inexplicable reason...

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