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April 22, 2014

"I ran my first mile here"


An American named Meb Keflezighi won the Boston Marathon yesterday. Remember that name, even if you cannot pronounce it. He was the first American to win in 31 years. He is older than I am, and I am no young man.

Mr. Keflezighi, having crossed himself before the Lord, broke the finish-line tape and pointed to the heavens; nearby which one year ago Jihadists, pointing to hell, sowed treacherous mayhem.

Americans still afflicted by that burn of indignation and fury, which warming every patriot’s heart, attends to those memories of the Marathon Bombing in Boston one year ago; may confess to a secret desire that Mr. Keflezighi might have chosen a different and very particular hand gesture.

His family fled persecution for their religion. They came to America, which still upholds religious liberty, though for how long we cannot say. He grew up in San Diego and ran track for UCLA. He won the New York Marathon in 2009, and a silver medal in Athens Olympics.

He is a brother in Christ, and a fellow American. He’s done us all proud.