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June 22, 2015

Let It Fly

[Note that I have modified my position. See this comment.]

Was the Confederacy exclusively about slavery? Did the South have nothing to be proud of before they were defeated by the North?

Of course not. I know plenty of Southerners, some of whom love the Confederate flag, and not one of them approves of slavery. They are proud of the South without being proud of slavery. Duh.

Yet that's how the latest clamor to take down the Confederate flag makes things sound. The clamor is loudest from the same people who insist that nobody is allowed to tell anyone else who they are, what they represent, what gender they are, or anything else that defines them. They now insist on telling Southerners that their symbol represents one thing, and one thing only, as if they have the right.

By those standards, those same people should insist that we stop flying the American flag. No country can be proud of its heritage.

And that's ridiculous, so to Hell with them.

Let it fly.