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August 17, 2015

The Courtesy of Taking Immigration Opponents Seriously

Ben Domenech, the publisher/editor of the website The Federalist, also publishes a daily email newsletter (which is very, very good and has shaped my daily web diet) called The Transom. Unfortunately, Ben is very pro-immigration and is unhappy about Donald Trump’s candidacy, particularly because Donald thinks immigration is a problem in this country and wants to do something about both the level of legal immigration and the issue of out-of-control illegal immigration. In today's Transom, here is how Ben began his snarky piece on Trump and immigration:

Yesterday Future Greatest American President Donald Trump unveiled his first major policy white paper, concerning the only policy subject on which he has weighed in repeatedly: those damn dirty Mexicans. http://vlt.tc/21zj It is a perfect example of what Scott Adams has described as Trump’s clown genius ability to use intentional exaggeration to provide anchors for your brain, and persuade your subsconscious to think things you would never originally think. http://vlt.tc/21zy For instance, Trump’s plan involves the deportation of millions of people, the seizure of money sent back to Mexico by illegal immigrants, and an end to birthright citizenship. Nowhere in this white paper is the how of what Trump would do addressed. Not the massive new hiring of a force to displace millions of people; not the invasion of privacy necessary for the government to open every parcel sent to Mexico and investigate every wire transfer sent there or elsewhere lest the source be illegal; not the fact that ending birthright citizenship will require a Constitutional amendment. Trump’s white paper just says he will do it in three sentences, one of which is “End birthright citizenship.” The understanding that children born here in America, even those born to non-Americans, are citizens dates back to the Founding generation, which was of course full of people who were not as wise as Mr. Trump. Those losers had no idea the sort of carnage their dumb ideas would unleash. Perhaps their own glorious triumph over the dirty brown people they encountered gave them false confidence about protecting our jobs. It’s understandable given Trump’s identity politics play that he would continue on this line of thought – that terrible immigrants are destroying our economy, and terrible children of illegal immigrants are so burdening our social services that they, even as legal American citizens because of the stupid Constitution, must be deported along with their families. Of course, ending birthright citizenship would create European-style generational ghettos in American communities.

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