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June 13, 2016

Jihad in Orlando

When one of the sons of Jihad undertakes to enact his sick parody of soldiering by visiting butchery by high velocity rifle round on unarmed carousers, we are invited to think about anything but the simple facts. Every possible distraction is introduced to baffle our reasoning minds from compassing reality.

Given this cloud of unknowing, we will restate reality.

So by way of repetition, and in the face of paralyzing ennui, we affirm that this act of despicable treachery, this razzia in Orlando, arises out of the Islamic religion.

It does not arise out of the character of Americans, any more than Paris arose out of the character of Frenchmen or Brussels out of the character of Belgians; it arises out of the authentic doctrine and deep antiquity of Islam.

Notice that we do not add emollient modifiers or phony suffixes. Islam itself is a perpetual menace to peace and civilized life. American policy should be oriented, without qualification or apology, toward diminishing its presence and its influence upon our country.