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November 22, 2015

Observe and remember


It behooves the patriotic man to examine his leaders, or prospective leaders, with a careful, jaundiced eye, in the immediate aftermath of an act of vile treachery like what the world witnessed on Nov. 13 in Paris.

Do their hearts break with anguish, no less than their chests ache with hunger for justice?

Or do they, quailing, reach for barest platitude, leave unsaid what most needs saying, and lash out at others who possess clearer words and better courage?

Again by their fruits you shall know them.

Sympathy for the French is not enough. #PrayforParis is not enough. Our statement of solidarity must be unmeeching. Hearts break and chests ache for justice. If not both, you are not worthy of leadership.

Over the last two weekends, all over the US (notably at the Army-Tulane and the LSU-Arkansas games), football players have defiantly carried both American and French flags to the center of the field before kickoff. A simple gesture, but a profound one.

Do you not think that many Frenchmen who hear of these tributes, this American solidarity, might find themselves, at least for a moment, warmed in their hearts and welling up with gratitude; as, for instance, we Americans felt likewise when the British Crown ordered that “The Star-Spangled Banner” be played at Buckingham Palace on September 12th, 2001?

Every last Frenchmen (every last Englishman), just like every last American, who believes in government, believes that its first task is to secure us from foreign aggression. The French may be a proud and difficult people, but in this there is an undeniable unity. Brotherhood and fraternitè. The first task of the Republic is to preserve us from harm.

Concretely: Should M. Hollande, in addition to current airstrikes, abjuring delay and Obama’s dithering, determine to dispatch French tanks, mobile artillery, close air support (have we sold them some A-10 Thunderbolts? — if not, we should), naval assets, ballistic missiles with super-payloads, and soldiers carrying rifles into hostile territory — into the territory of Islamic State — this American will raise the Tricolor and salute the French Parti-socialistè.

Let the French socialist do what the American socialist has not the guts to do.

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