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May 4, 2015

Shrieking Harpies of Tolerance, Superhero Edition

There is no evil Republican hater social conservative (but I repeat myself) on the national scene who treats women, blacks, gays, or transsexuals as viciously as the Shrieking Harpies of Tolerance treat their friends who dare cross the line. Exhibit #2,356,224: Joss Whedon, of the Avengers movies. (Trigger warning: twitter and vulgarity.)

The silver lining here is that, perhaps, more people will see how vicious the Harpies are, and that it's impossible to satisfy them. That may eventually get ordinary people, including famous ordinary people, to stop trying to accommodate them even a little bit.

Unless there is no deviation from their doctrine, and no accidental offenses (of the professionally offended! Good luck), the Harpies will never help anyone win a campaign, create a hit movie, make a blockbuster novel, beat a charity fundraising goal, or turn any other good deed into a great one. They will help until they turn on you, and then they will try their hardest to destroy you -- even if you think they're on your side.

Lesson learned, my harpies. Thanks.