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June 3, 2014

Local Madness

Two interesting local items of note:

(1) Sunday, June 1, 2014 Illinois began recognizing the fiction of so-called "same-sex marriage". As you can see from the linked article, reporters are caught up in detailing the usual nonsense associated with this mess: calling the kid adopted by two lesbians the "daughter" (who calls the two lesbians her "moms"); highlighting a church that performs "same-sex wedding ceremonies", but ignoring traditional churches that would condemn so-called "same-sex marriage" as false Christian teaching; etc. Just another sad day in our once glorious republic.

(2) This next item is more personal. My wife has the time and inclination to get involved in lots of focus groups (for money). Occasionally, she also gets me and/or the girls involved. Last weekend was once such occasion -- I had to take my daughter downtown to participate in a national, large-scale youth survey on pre-teen drug use and peer pressure. The survey was done very professionally by an excellent team of survey researchers and my daughter had a fine experience. What was strange, or rather sad and bizarre about the experience, was the short form I had to fill out as the parent to give the research team consent for my daughter to participate in the survey. There were a couple of questions on the form about basic demographics concerning my wife and I and then I kid you not the following choices concerning the children that lived with us:

- Son
- Daughter
- Transgender
- Other

How the heck does a pre-teen (the target age group they were surveying was 9-13) "know" they are "Transgender"?! And what the heck could "Other" possibly mean -- that I might have an alien living with me?!

Now you know why I called the post "local madness".