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April 15, 2014

CO Democrats try to lock the door

Worried by the possibility that, God forbid, the people or the representatives might pass some law or other that would restrict either abortion or contraception and sexuality "information" (note the connection to schools' sex education programs), Colorado Democrats have proposed an extraordinarily broadly worded law attempting to outlaw prospectively any changes in these controversial areas in a direction they don't like. See here, here, here, and here.

They claim that the law would make no retrospective changes, such as being used to block the enforcement of the parental notification law, but nothing in the law's wording says that it has no retrospective consequences. On the contrary, it very easily could be interpreted so as to have such consequences.

In any event, the legislative scene on such issues is always in flux. The bill's sponsors have said openly that they wish to block the later passage of ultrasound laws such as have been passed in other states. Colorado has no waiting period for abortion. Its parental notification law doesn't say anything about parental consent. Or what about laws requiring that live-born infants be transported to a hospital? Then there's the matter of "sexuality information." If Colorado wanted to strengthen parental ability to prevent their children from being given (let's admit it) heavily sexualized, not to say vile, materials in the schools, or to require parents to give permission before their children receive birth control, this bill would block that. The bill's language quite pointedly says that "every individual" has a "right" to make all personal decisions about reproduction, which would prima facie apply to minors as well.

What we see again here is the extraordinary insecurity of leftists. On all their hot-button issues, they can never leave anything to be decided by the ordinary processes of legislative debate. They always have to put extra locks on. Roe v. Wade is a good example of such a lock, but now even that isn't enough. Pro-lifers are finding ways to do a little protecting of the unborn around the edges of Roe, at the state level. We can't have that, now! Time for more locks.

I don't think that this bill will pass, but it is instructive concerning the radicalism of the evil we face.