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February 17, 2014

The Essence of Modern Liberalism in One Sad Thought

Apropos of our latest discussion with some liberals who stopped by here to once again argue for the madness that it is so-called same-sex “marriage”, I came across this blog post describing a recent conference about religious liberty sponsored by the liberal Center for American Progress (CAP). The post discussed, with appropriate dismay, the not so shocking attitude of today’s liberals who really can’t be bothered by any strong claims of religious liberty, if those claims clash with today's reigning liberal pieties. The author quoted one Sarah Warbelow, who is formally affiliated with the homosexual lobbying organization the Human Rights Campaign (they are the folks who were so proud to host Ellen Page, a/k/a the cute little pixie actress who played Juno in that eponymous film, when Ellen just announced to all the world that she is a pervert), saying the following with respect to religious liberty:

“No one should be humiliated at the dry cleaners”

And this, I submit, is the essence of liberalism today – no one should get their feelings hurt, ever, especially by those who are religious and hold traditional views of morality and sexuality.

This blog has been highlighting the intolerant nature of the left for quite some time when it comes to this issue, and recognition by courts of so-called same-sex “marriage” is just bringing the left’s fasces out sooner rather than later – they want nothing more than to shut out religious conservatives from the public square and have everyone worship their false gods of equality and perversion.

Enough is enough – enough of their false equivalence between race and homosexuality, enough of the bad constitutional law that not only twists the commerce clause, but the original meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment in which much of our current constitutional mischief arises (let’s face it boys and girls – an amendment designed to protect former slaves should not be the basis for any sort of rights for women to kill babies, sexual perverts to redefine the meaning of words, etc.) And yes, let’s stand up and say this means private racist business owners should be allowed to discriminate against black (or other minority) customers; this is just what basic private property rights and freedom of association means.

People since time immemorial will get their feeling hurt, and yes, will sometimes get humiliated at the dry cleaners (or whatever the pre-modern version of said cleaners was back in the day) – government cannot and should not be in the business of making sure everyone’s feeling are O.K.