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June 17, 2014

The Pope and the Cardinal are right about Libertarians…And Wrong about Economics!

The past couple of weeks have seen an interesting renewed interest in what the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, and some of his close advisors have to say about economics and libertarian ideas of government. In response to what might be characterized as a broadside against capitalism and libertarian ideas presented by Cardinal Maradiagas at the Catholic University conference mentioned at that article linked above, there have been a number of thoughtful and well-written pieces from conservative/libertarian writers. Folks as diverse as Kevin Williamson at National Review, Tom Woods, Jr. at LewRockwell.com, and Ed Krayewski, an editor at Reason.com. Equally amusing has been the folks eager to rush to the Cardinal’s defense – a strange mix of liberals and trads who for one reason or another don’t like capitalism or more fruitfully in my opinion, want to make sure Catholics understand the ethical and philosophical implications of Catholic social teaching.

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