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Obama: Rescuing Abortion Survivors Too Much of a Burden

Apparently, for the Matthew 25 Christian, it is not above his pay grade to offer an account of the reasons why he led the charge to defeat an Illinois bill that would have required that medical personnel provide assistance to children who survive abortions:

Obama reminds me of a very bright doctoral student in a graduate seminar who thinks that his well-articulated string of verbal obfuscations accompanied by pondering facial expressions is the same as thoughtful reflection.

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I've been telling friends that if elected, Obama would make history as our first graduate student president. Thanks for confirming my instinct.

Aw, the poor abortionist. If there's "some movement" in the "fetus or child or whatever" that shows that "they're not just coming out limp and dead," the abortionist might have to call another physician to decide whether they have a "live child that could be saved."

Well, actually, even if a live child can't be saved, you're not supposed to zip it into a bio-waste bag or put it in the back room to gasp its last. Because it's alive. Y'know?

No, he doesn't know.

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No abortionists wants to have to call in Dr. Cornelsen. It's easier to just keep these things among friends than to end up with witnesses testifying against you in court.

I believe Barack Obama's abortion motto is:

"Justice is the advantage of the stronger"

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