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U.S. Sharia Watch II--Muslim ceremonial foot basins at U. of M.

This time I put the entry up first at Right Reason. We'll see what our commentators there make of it. This stuff is getting close to home!

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If they are in a restroom, treat them as urinals. Or, daub a little pig's blood on the faucet.

It is one thing to complain about this, but it is always more fun to take action.

Well, there was the story (don't have the link ready to hand) about the farmer whose property was next door to a mosque who started pig racing during Friday evening prayers. I suppose if this is a true story (and I suspect it is) he was lucky not to get hauled in for a hate crime, like the kids who threw the famous "ham steak of hate" on the table by the Somali students.

But actually, I can't endorse your suggestions, Erik, because they are not only juvenile but pointless and even creepy, rather like what's-his-name spitting in the white men's soup at the country club. I want people to wake up and see the problem and just maybe start advocating limiting Muslim immigration (for example). I don't want people to engage in petty, private, nasty acts that give them a sense of having gotten back at the darned Muslims. At least the guy with the pig races at his farm was making some sort of public statement, rather like those "I do not submit" T-shirts.

But perhaps your suggestions were not serious.

I was and am serious, because:

1. We are incapable of limiting immigration from Mohammedans, and we lack the will power to deport Mohammedans who were born here.

2. Well, pissing in them is petty. I wouldn't advocate that, but I am all in favor of liberal application of pig's products all over the place. Let the Mohammedans deport themselves if they are so silly and superstitious.

3. Also, I advocate refraining from calling them anything but "Mohammedans" as that is the proper name of their sect. They claim, as if they set the rules of our language, that this implies that they worship Mohammed, their false prophet. Hogwash! Lutherans don't worship Luther, it is just that they follow the doctrine cooked up by Fr. Martin. Calvinists don't worship the dead French Lawyer. So, Mohammedanism. And if they think we are being mean, they can go to Saudi Arabia. All of them. Black, white, Arab, Turk.

4. I am not at all opposed to camps for the ones who refuse to leave.

5. Of course, under our liberal system, all we have left are the private, sometimes even petty gestures, or the private, violent acts of necessary defense so long as they are within the limits of just law.

Trust me, Lydia, he's serious.

I do wonder, though, should things become bad enough, should the laws of this land end up licking the Muslim boot, what forms of protest will be left to us?

I think that's a good question, Bill. I was just speaking out against engaging in silly and juvenile acts of vandalism. I'm not going to call them hate crimes or anything ridiculous like that, but still, property is property. One of the reasons I liked the idea of that farmer's pig races is that they were undoubtedly on his own property and were nothing any reasonable person should have been able to object to. It was a humorous way of protesting without so much as touching anything that belonged to anyone else.

I don't have a great answer to your question. I think speaking out is important, even if it isn't effective in the ordinary sense. The truth must be spoken and has value in itself. I think of the Pakistani pastors in Australia, for example, who went around giving seminars on Islam even when they got in trouble with the government for "hate speech." Who knows what people's minds they might have armed against conversion? Robert Spencer should keep running the site Jihad Watch even if "hate speech" laws should try to shut him down. He gives us all very needed information and answers the lies of the media about the "religion of peace."

I think that when it comes to one's own sphere, one shouldn't just cave. For example, if you have students who want to walk out of tests to wash and pray to Allah (a hypothetical I raised on Right Reason), I think you should tell them that the time will be counted off and that they will still be expected to finish their test in the normal time, as if they'd simply gone to the bathroom. Plus a stern lecture on using it as an opportunity to look at notes. The whole thing just has to be resisted on a case by case basis at every step. Target should fire the woman who won't scan the pizza and should publicize any ensuing lawsuit. I bet they'd get offers of pro bono legal help. And so forth.

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