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An Anti-Kant Attack Ad

Via my good friend Colin Miller, the following anti-Kant attack advertisement.

I'll note, for the time being, that Kant gets sublimity precisely backwards; the sublime does not awe us by awakening us to our rational mastery of contingent being, or some such thing, but overawes us, stupefying our faculties and pointing to what lies beyond phenomenal experience. And "rational mastery" is still a part of phenomenal experience. And no, I've no interest in re-reading the Third Critique, either.

So, put me down for the Other Guy, or, better yet, None of the Above. But the Other Guy, at least, is a much more enthralling read.

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Uh, I'm pretty sure that the ad actually gets Kant backwards on the sublime, and it's more like what you just said.

Could be; I've not read the Critique of Judgment since 1996.

I don't intend to sound glib about this at all; I'm simply at the office, and cannot rush to my library to grab the Third Critique for a quick skim.

I believe that's the first time 'Third Critique' and 'quick skim' have been used in related succession.

Frankly if the positions as reduced to sound bites are misleading and even opposite of the man's actual positions that just makes the whole thing more 'realistic' as an imitation of a political attack ad; and therefore that much funnier. Don't spoil it by correcting the misrepresentations!

Probably is the first time. No one, however, will ever use the two in connection with the First Critique.

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