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Winners of the anti-pomo bumper sticker contest

Entirely judged subjectively by me, following my own metanarrative.

I won't keep you in suspense. Runners-up are below the fold. First place goes to


submitted by commentator Chris Floyd. This wasn't even hard. It stood out from the beginning.

Three hearty, bipolar, logocentric cheers for Chris. I would love to see people wearing T-shirts with this inscription in philosophy departments, at the APA conference, at the MLA, places like that. Analytic departments would love it and get a laugh. Among continentalists it would be provocative. And as a bumper sticker it would work especially well in college towns.

I really have had trouble ranking the runners up. I hope this doesn't seem like a concession to anti-hierarchical thinking, but the runners up are in no particular order, except roughly chronological.

Logocentrism rocks

By your humble scribe, posted on Extra Thoughts.

I attended University, and all I got was this lousy uncertainty

By Chris Floyd

I'm rational...
and I vote.

By Tim on Extra Thoughts.

If you can read this, you're too closed-minded.

By George R.

Postmodernism: Self-refuting since______.

(I haven't decided on a good date to fill in yet.)

By Michael

I've had to add another category, because there were several really good ones that weren't anti-postmodern but rather anti-atheist or anti-liberal. Once again, the ones I liked best in that category are given in roughly chronological order.

Atheism is a meme.

By Scott W.

Think Liberally. Act Tyrannically.


Honk if you love agitprop.

By Silly Interloper

Outsource diversity training.

By Frank Beckwith

Comments (5)

Doesn't your use of Tim's really demonstrate that objectivity is your frame of reference?

Is it too late to get in? "It depends on what the meaning of 'meaning'

Anyway, I liked all of them.

- You're not really reading this.

- It's Not Sharing If You Take It

- Charity Ends With Taxation

- Spare Not The Rod

- Amateur Driver. Open course.
(OK, not on topic, but I just like that one)

Aw, thanks, Lydia. That was fun!

You do understand I was just kidding about Tim's contribution. Please say you understand. It was actually quite brilliant.

Actually, I was only baffled by the comment, because I think maybe you left out the word "not"--"demonstrate that objectivity is not your frame of reference..." Of course I knew it was a joke. If you wanna really get me on being subjective, you can also point out that I included one of my own. :-) But that was part of the fun, of course--saying that I'm picking them from within my own metanarrative and such.

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