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Shorter RiShawn Biddle:

The problem with my pet ideological construct globalization is not its want of conformity to reality the process of globalization, but the unwillingness or inability of the rabble to conform themselves to the strictures of my fantasy the failure of the educational system to prepare Americans to accept its disciplinary regime promise of liberation.

Once more, socio-economic trends that correlate with heritable traits are not amenable to amelioration by means of education.

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This is the first time I've encountered a free trade absolutist using the term "anti-trade" to describe critics of NAFTA. This strikes me something like the label "anti-choice," an epithet which, if taken at face value, suggests an unreasonable opposition to an obviously qualified good. I don't know anybody who is anti-trade, or anti-choice; but I know of plenty of people who are unthinkingly pro-trade or pro-choice. Thus the use of such weirdly inappropriate locutions reveals something about the person using them: that the extremism is actually his own, because it is he who holds up as inviolable something which is a mere instrument, and is thus only of contingent value.

The lack of high-quality education provided in the nation's public education system makes it difficult for young men and women to get the kind of high-paying white- and blue-collar jobs that are growing thanks to globalization.

Perhaps it's an oversimplification on my part, but maybe the "difficulty" partially lies with the possibility that many simply don't want the jobs that globalization offers. How many Americans, I wonder, would galdly leave their high-paying white collar job if they could earn a living wage doing real work? Pardon the expansive philosophical tirade, but cubicles suck.

I have my doubts at the ability of a country to exist and prosper long term without the production of goods tradeable on the world market. The party goes on as it does because of foreigners willingness to loan us the money to pay for our consumption.

Those in the cognitive elites get nicked too if they have picked the wrong fields. I know an optical engineer at $75K who had to train his Chinese replacement making $7K. Once his replacement was trained he got to pick up his severance check. I know an automation controls engineer laid off when his plant was packed up and moved to China. I know a plant engineer who went to China for a year when his plant was moved. Once the plant was up and running he was sent home to the unemployment line.

The Wall Street super elites will remain employeed only as long as the foreign money keeps coming in.

The Wall Street super elites will remain employeed only as long as the foreign money keeps coming in.
Until they've exported everything not bolted down, and mortgaged everything else.

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