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If Mrs. Palin were the presidential candidate I might be tempted out of presidential election abstention for the first time in many years, though I'd have a lot more due diligence to do first.

I spoke to a Republican party 'insider' at a party yesterday and he said that she was anti-ESCR and in favor of making abortion illegal in cases of rape and incest. (He had no motivation to BS me -- this was a private affair that had nothing to do with politics). If true that makes her the most principled pro-life candidate on the national stage, well, ever; or at least since Reagan.

Her chances at being the presidential candidate in 2012 and/or 2016 are probably better with an Obama win. I don't see how an Obama win could spoil them, at this point, but there are a lot of ways that a McCain win could spoil them.


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As usual, you and I agree on the abortion issue. Because it's one of the most important issues -- perhaps the most important issue -- I'm happy to acknowledge it.

My only disagreement with your post is that it seems to me, given that McCain is 72 and was a prisoner of war for many years -- not an activity designed to increase one's lifespan -- that Palin is more likely to become president if McCain wins, not if Obama does. Even if McCain survives an entire term -- and I absolutely hope he does -- I doubt he could survive a second term. In fact, I doubt he will run a second time. At this point in time, I think McCain will win and be a one-term president, by choice. That means that his selection of Palin could be the most important political development in America for many years. If Providence blesses us, that possibility will become a reality.

But only if you vote (wink).

"Her chances at being the presidential candidate in 2012 and/or 2016..."

Will depend on how she fares in this campaign. If Biden's hair-plugs pop-out during the debate she will have a pretty leg-up on the nomination.

Of course, if McCain goes down in flames, Palin will be the designated scapegoat for most of the GOP establishment and the MSM.

Fact is, neither Reagan, nor any GOP nominee for the top 2 spots, ever held the pro-life issue as to close to his as Palin does.

Fact is, neither Reagan, nor any GOP nominee for the top 2 spots, has ever held the pro-life issue as to close to their hearts, as Palin does.

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