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Eluana Englaro update--faint hope

Eluana Englaro is scheduled to begin being dehydrated to death today. The Italian government passed an emergency measure that would have saved her, but the President refused to sign it. (I can't help wondering--so go ahead, call me a bigot--if the fact that he's a former Communist Party member has anything to do with this, even remotely.)

I'm unclear as to what hope there is now. The LifeSite News article states that any attempt to override this refusal to sign (a pocket veto, I guess we would call it in the States) would take 20 days, by which time of course Eluana will be dead. But the (otherwise highly biased) MSM article says that the Prime Minister, who appears to be on the side of the angels on this one, swears he will get it passed very rapidly as a regular bill, in time to save her.

There is some weirdness going on with the notion of "48 hours." This article implies that somehow she cannot be saved if she isn't rehydrated within 48 hours of the beginning of her dehydration. This is nonsense. On the other hand, the confusion may have arisen from urgent statements to the effect that permanent damage of some sort will be done after 48 hours. That may be true, but if it's coming from the pro-life side here, I hope they tone it down before their enemies take it up and imply that her slow execution "has to" be completed if it isn't stopped before 48 hours have passed.

I owe HT to several sources. Todd sent me one of the articles and another came through the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation, while yet another is linked from Secondhand Smoke, which is now on the case.

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Thanks for the update. Will pray.

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