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Pledging allegiance to Beloved Leader in Nevada

Via VFR comes a link to this story from the Las Vegas area: According to the parent who the parent who got the story on-line, in his child's school several teachers are flipping on the overhead just before the pledge of allegiance to the flag, displaying at the front of the room a very large picture of Barack Obama. Since the flag is in the corner of the room, the children are facing B.O. more squarely than the flag while they pledge allegiance. Also, of course, turning on the picture for the pledge of allegiance connects the two pretty directly.

Naturally, this was not being done with a picture of W. prior to the inauguration of Beloved Leader.

I have sent this as a news tip to CNS News, and I hope they take it up, though I haven't heard anything back. Someone should be the first news outlet to send a reporter to check it out. What it needs is boots on the ground and some investigative reporting: Who authorized this? How did it come about? Is this the choice of individual teachers or is it required from higher up?

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This may be of interest:


This is sounding like another urban myth. At worst a very few may be letting their joy at the restoration of the Republic and their relief at having a president who isn't a sociopath get the best of them :).

I wouldn't worry about this even if it is true. Once the novelty of competence and maturity wears off things will settle down.

First of all, I did call for a report by an independent party on the ground.

Second, despite the title of my post, I am not saying, and neither was the person who originally posted the story, that the words of the pledge of allegiance are being changed. It's the atmosphere that would give the impression of "pledging to Obama," not some actual pledge in words.

Third, despite the superficial resemblance to the story you cite, this one seems to me a good deal more believable. We already have video of young men running forward in a line and each saying, "Because of Obama, I'm going to be such-and-such" and making some sort of weird gesture with their hands. So we know that schools think this sort of thing is just ducky. And the report is circumstantial in detail and sounds like the sort of thing that would happen with parents: Their kid complains, they go to check it out. The mother stands outside the rooms and sees this going on. Could it be a hoax? It could, but I doubt it. And it's not actually terribly over the top. For example, it does not claim that they are saying anything verbally about Obama but only turning on this picture of him in association with the pledge of allegiance.

Finally, I don't think it's a small thing. I don't think the President should be associated with the country in that overwhelming way, and children should not be encouraged to develop that sort of highly personal loyalty to the President as an individual. Anyone who has been minimally conscious over the last few weeks knows that the adulation, exaggeration, and symbolism surrounding Obama is unhealthy. This would be another example. I realize that liberals perhaps cannot be expected to see this, but one can always hope.

"And it's not actually terribly over the top. For example, it does not claim that they are saying anything verbally about Obama but only turning on this picture of him in association with the pledge of allegiance."

Today nothing about Obama... 5 years from now, who knows? infectious brain washing does not happen overnight, and those that are involved in it don't necessarily need to be in the know on this, they were infected themselves. We'll see if this is an infection that grows amongst teachers first. Irrational devotion to Obama seems to go hand in hand with extreme Bush hatred, extreme hate may be balanced with extreme love and devotion within the community of bipolar liberal democrats. It's all very Hitler youth to me. It's just not scary yet.

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