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Something is better than nothing

A follow-up to my entry here.

There are finally charges in the murder of the infant in Hialeah dumped alive into a biowaste bag: Practicing medicine without a license and tampering with evidence charges against clinic owner Belkis Gonzales who was seen by witnesses zipping the gasping child into the bag. The excuse for not filing at least manslaughter charges is that the decomposition of the body after eight days of being hidden was too great to make a definite determination of cause of death. Hmm. I guess crime--in this case, evidence tampering--pays. I still can't help wondering if that excuse would be used if someone were witnessed zipping a bigger and older living person into a bag.

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In the age of secular and dessicated humanism transferred, bad as it was, to what is delicately referred to as the public sphere, the only life that matters is one's own.

We continue to tread towards the precipice of outright savagery.

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