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That cannibalism example (Updated)

...that I gave here in the thread about China. (See also this comment of mine.)

Guess what?

It wasn't so far-fetched after all.

Wesley J. Smith: "If these stories are true–and I believe they are–China is a monster state."


(Full disclosure: I already knew from Smith's earlier posts that China is doing this, so this wasn't really a matter of my making up an example that just "turned out" to be real. The news here is the expansion of the organ-cannibalism to include religious groups--including members of Christian house churches--in addition to Falun Gong.)

Update: I suggest as a first step boycotting the supposedly "funny" book Larry's Kidney, which Smith discusses, a true story about buying a kidney on the black market in China. I wonder what it would take to get Barnes & Noble and Amazon not to sell the book? Smith appears to think that if the big booksellers were to stop selling it, this would constitute "censorship." To which I respond: The word "censorship" gets thrown around too much. These booksellers are private agents and can refuse to stock the book if they want to. But it might be hard to convince them.

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I have no doubts that this is (highly probably) true.

The thought occurs to me: could these victims be a source for adult stem cell research material?

Not only ESCR cell lines, but Chinese ones would have to be examined.

Lord have mercy.

There is a history of cruelty in China (perhaps Asia, in general) that beggars the imagination. (And in Africa, too - sacrifice of children as a spell to make you rich, etc, murder of albinos, child soldiers, mutilation of civilians, rape, on and on.)

The idea of life being cheap and anything can be done for money has long been the culture there.

For example, it was once a common occurrence that when a peasant or any man was broke and his family starving (and had no children to sell, perhaps), he could sell his death for a good sum.

A number of people would pay good money to see a man (or anyone, I suppose) killed. So, a man would offer to sell his death so his family could have some cash.

Then there are the stories of women escaping N. Korea helped by "good" men who smuggle them out and then sell them as slave wives or prostitutes.

Of course, sex slavery is happening everywhere now.

I have often said to other people on the matter of the global sex slave trade, the one and paramount thing we want laws and government to do is to protect women and children; yet, the one thing these societies all ruled by men refuse to do is to protect women and children.

It makes me utterly heartsick. It's bad enough that some men are so corrupt to do so much harm to the weak and innocent, but that men who pride themselves on their "concern" "compassion" "decency" who have the power to do something and do almost nothing to protect the most vulnerable among us, well, bring the Judgment Day.

The most basic and simplest of things we need done, govt won't do.

I am always appalled at the general indifference of men regarding heinous moral atrocities. I swear we are Rome all over again in so many ways.

And a nation that can carry on without any fear of God while over a million unborn babies are murdered every year, well, why would it be upset about a peaceful sect of Chinese people being slaughtered for parts?

God, we are corrupt. The word sin seems so weak now, almost a joke to say it or charge anyone with it.

Very scary.

Don't let DC know; they'll be bombing China the next day.

I am always appalled at the general indifference of men regarding heinous moral atrocities. I swear we are Rome all over again in so many ways.

Your comment reminded me of the posts here about George Tiller and also of a quip from Stalin:

"kill one man, it's a tragedy; kill one million, it's a statistic."

I'm not going to defend Tiller's murder, but I think it's a perfect example of the insidiousness of the indifference that we have to moral crimes that so many Christians got more emotional and outraged over the death of a man who was killing babies for a living than the life of a man who was allowed to make a living killing babies.

"If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen." -Samuel Adams

Any man who would dare utter such heresy today toward the Church of Consumerism and Convenience would be called a Communist. Ironically, those who'd denounce Mr. Adams would have no problem trading with Communists who harvest the organs of peaceful people...

Kevin Jones, I rather doubt it, because there isn't the same shortage of adult stem cells that there is for kidneys. Some adult stem cells can simply be taken very easily from inside a person's nose, for example. Bone marrow is more difficult and requires a donor willing to undergo a somewhat painful procedure. I suppose these victims might be used for bone marrow, but I haven't heard of its being done.

Matt Weber, that had better have been a joke.

Sort of. I would hope our politicians are not that stupid, but then they are considering bombing Iran for much less.

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