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Announcing New Library of Historical Apologetics Website

Fans of historical apologetics will be interested to know that the Library of Historical Apologetics has just gone live. The site features a Spotlight article, a quotation of the week, and a browsable annotated bibliography.

If you are on Facebook, you can spread the word that way as well, as the Library of Historical Apologetics has a FB page.

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It seems a mostly Protestant database, but I've added it to favorites anyway because of my admiration for the project's director. Besides, Protestants say true things now and then, don't they?

I do think some of the apologetics aimed at the layman could be a valuable resource for parents and teachers of "young adults" who have difficulty answering the taunts of peers. They're probably good for ordinary adults too.

There's no link to their FB page on the site. That I could find.

Good point about the FB page. I'll pass that along.

As far as Protestant database, I'm not the historian, but my impression is that at least from the counter-reformation on, the _historical_ argument was unpopular among Catholic writers. (Since this is historical apologetics, the Thomistic arguments are not in this category.)

Nice resource. My nit-picky self was drawn to the poorly cut image at the top, and that only one of the four advisory board members were given due title. :p

Thanks for posting this!

My jokes aside, the outline described in the road map is quite an endeavor. Having a single location for all that stuff will be great. Jumping into the e-reader world soon, I am totally excited about reading some of the material I am sure to find there.

Maybe you'll remember that Tim sent me some of those links a while ago when I had a student who was having trouble answering the usual sort of questions with which some of her friends were badgering her. Protestant-baiting aside, it really is a valuable resource. The girl (the student) liked the one by the lawyer.

The Bennett book (by the lawyer) is very user-friendly. I also featured it in my Evidential Ammo. post here at W4.


Given the focus of the library (historical apologetics, in English, ~1700-1922), there aren't that many Catholic authors to choose from. But there are some, and we're aware of them. As our catalogue grows, keep your eye open for works by (and quotations from) the following Catholic writers:

Basil Christopher Butler
Walter Devivier
John England
Peter Gandolphy
Franz Hettinger
Francix Xavier Joseph Koch
Louis Aloisius Lambert
Anthony John Maas
Robert Manning
John Milner
Josephy Rickaby
George Mary Searle
Martin John Spalding
John Thein
Roger Bede Vaughan
Thomas Joseph Walsh
Wilfred Philip Ward
William George Ward

My (rough) understanding of Catholicism's interaction with the historical scholarship is that, in the wake of German historical-critical skepticism, the Vatican discouraged such studies; Pius XII opened the way for Catholic historical scholarship. Contemporary Catholic scholarship is very much in line with mainstream historical-critical studies, as evidenced by Joseph Fitzmeyer and Raymond E. Brown. Hence there is little in the way of apologetics.

Tim's familiarity with apologetics is pretty impressive. Except for the two Wards and Manning (Cardinal, I presume?) I've never heard of 'em. I will keep my eyes open.


Thanks for the kind words. Actually, the Cardinal was Henry Edward Manning -- no relation that I know of to our man here.

I should have added Henri Lacordaire to the list. He's got some gems.

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