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HUD dismisses complaint on Christian roommate

A follow-up to this post.

Here's my executive summary: The Michigan Dept. of Civil Rights. is supposed to enforce federal law on the Fair Housing Act (though I don't know how they got assigned that job). Faced with a situation in which applying the letter of the law, as urged by a rabid non-profit organization, would make them look like creepy totalitarians, the Michigan dept. punted to the HUD. The HUD, not wanting to allow a case to proceed which would not only cost them money but would also call attention to, and might result in the striking down of, the crazy letter of the law, officially dropped the complaint. The ADF, who was representing the harassed Christian woman who innocently posted a notice for a Christian roommate on her church bulletin board, sounds a little disappointed that they won't have a chance to try to get the crazy letter of the law struck down as unconstitutional. End of story, for the nonce.

Oh, P.S.: The ADF claims that the rabid non-profit that started the whole thing, and that wanted the woman to be forced to pay them for harassing her, gets money from the city of Grand Rapids based on the number of complaints it brings for "discrimination." In other words, the city of Grand Rapids already pays them for harassing people. If true, this is scandalous and should be stopped immediately.

HT: Pearcey Report

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Nothing unusual about rabid groups receiving government money, how else to keep rabid government and it's employees busy, on those occasions when not napping at the desk, planning their two hour lunch, or doing porn on our computers. It's a symbiotic relationship,like the little creatures feeding of the backs of water buffalo, just more expensive,& decidedly more troublesome,
and unlike the former, unnatural.
Without such rabid groups there would be less reason for such cancerous and defamatory bureaus as mentioned in the post, less reason, as if they need it, for liberals to grossly insult millions of people as racist, a word they cannot live without.
So you see, there are real reasons for these relationships, ACORN with it's army of misfits and mindless gorillas comes to mind, and look what that group did for one alumnus.
Perhaps it's for the best, what other kinds of mischief and calumny, what other kinds of sewers, would these types sink to ?

Was a court strikedown ever realistic? It seems to me most judges would be wary of changing anything related to the Fair Housing Act. And the facts indicate that the meddlesome organization in fact overreached and was frivolous in its complaint.

The ADF is primarily court-oriented, yes? Who would their legislation-oriented equivalents be?

I believe I've discovered a way to pacify all these rogue fair housing orgs which might otherwise oppose law reform: budget a grant program to educate the relevant actors about the changes to the law.

The good fair housing orgs might be able to keep the obnoxious ones in check, and in any case it might be good practice to educate about what the law allows rather than about what it forbids.

It's my hope I can begin serious action on housing law reform in the upcoming months. The Michigan story certainly sparked enough outrage, and I'm hoping it can serve as a catalyst for needed change.

"Was a court strikedown ever realistic?"

Yes, if one was going to challenge some aspect of the law this is the sort of case one would want. It will be interesting to see if HUD issues any policy refining how subsection c is applied.

I wonder if websites like this will ever be a target.

No, we are solidly in First Amendment territory as well as P&I.

The real test case would be something like Muslim Roommates/Detroit.

By asking if a court strikedown was realistic, I meant that if an action was clearly outside the bounds of the law then the action could be rejected without having to consider the constitutionality of the law.

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