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Posts on TSA security at Extra Thoughts

I've decided to handle the outrage of the TSA's fascistic grope-or-naked-picture-scan regime at my personal blog. I have posts here and here. Comments are moderated, and I moderate pretty frequently, though I may not respond to every comment.

Two legal questions are uppermost in my mind: First, why have we not yet seen a Fourth Amendment lawsuit directed at the TSA, given precedents that require a warrant for other searches? Second, on what legal pretext is John Tynes being "investigated" and possibly facing an $11,000 fine (plus more in legal costs, no doubt) for having refused the security procedures, given that he was willing not to fly? Who put such a law in place, and how can we get rid of it? (Notice that this means that if you enter the airport and get in line for your flight, you can be required on pain of fine to allow your child to be touched all over by a stranger or scanned by radiation that carries cancer worries. You can be required to do this on pain of fine even if you express a willingness to leave the airport and not to fly.)

One more comment: I am sick unto death of the utterly stupid (yes, I call it stupid) comment, "But how else are we supposed to stop terrorists who carry bombs in their underwear?" If you think there is no other way to stop them than by having innocent men, women, and children scanned by machines producing naked pictures or intimately touched by government agents, then you either lack imagination or you are wearing ideological blinders.