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Welcome, Tony M.

We at W4 are pleased to welcome a new contributor, Tony M. His author page with his bio. is here.

Tony is a long-time and much-valued commentator here at What's Wrong With the World. You can find many of his comments (interspersed with a few references to Tony Kennedy and Tony Blair) at this google search results page. I believe that on one occasion there was some ambiguity when another commentator named "Tony" briefly visited the site, but most of the results will take you to various useful contributions Tony has already made to the site. He has something thoughtful and insightful to say about a huge array of topics.

Here is his recent guest post on Barack Obama's refusal to defend the DOMA.

We look forward to reading his future posts. Welcome aboard, Tony.

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Great to have you aboard, Tony! Looking forward to your next provocation. ;-)


I looked at Tony's biographical notes: they have a witty turn of phrase. As another connoisseur of human folly, I look forward to reading what he has to say as an 'official' author at WWWW.

Welcome, Tony.

Thank you all. Especially, thank you Todd, and Paul, and Lydia, and Jeff, all the others here at W4 for inviting me to join you. You know of course that I enjoy having your thoughtful company most days of the week. I hope to provide the same to all the visitors, both those who comment and those who lurk.


This song seemed appropriate for some inexplicable reason.

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