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Intolerance will not be tolerated


"Whatever the nature of schooling – homeschool, private school, Catholic school – we do not tolerate disrespect for differences”

and this...

Hence an argument that tolerance for diverse views and values is a foundational principle does not conflict with the notion that the state can and should limit the ability of intolerant homeschoolers to inculcate hostility to difference in their children

from the previous entry made me think of this. Enjoy a little light relief, especially if you haven't seen it yet.

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Thanks, Scott. I also see that O'Brian has a whole series with Stanford Nutting. Or so I infer from the related videos at Youtube. The guy who plays Stanford is an awfully good comic actor. Makes you squirm.

Thanks, Scott and Lydia. The guy who plays Stanford is yours truly. But the sweater does most of the acting!

Thanks, Scott and Lydia. The guy who plays Stanford is yours truly. But the sweater does most of the acting!

I really must see some of "Stanford's" other videos. Which would you recommend next?

Leftists are liars but still they are generally sounder than conservatives on Solidarity.

A City just can not abide rampant individualism. Haven't wars been fought over man's need to worship together (The Grand Inquisitor)?

Now the modern conservatives might properly have aversion to the shared culture as exists but this aversion seems to have been extended to the concept of a shared culture at all, perhaps owing to libertarian influence that denies the City.

The libertarian-leaning conservative says that man lives in a society for mutual benefit only. As if man were animal and society a herd!.

So this attitude denies man's political nature and thus man's rational nature. Essentially, the libertarian attitude is captured in Sartre's Hell is Other People.


I really enjoyed "Ask Mr. Chesterton with Stanford Nutting," but they're almost all pretty good. The only one I didn't like was the Star Trek movie review.

Gosh, Gian. Leave it to you in a thread about totalitarianism and the intolerance of the "tolerant" to start talking about the dangers of individualism! I really think the leftist totalitarians "have the number" of some authoritarian-minded Catholics.

Perhaps you shd. look at my previous entry. Or even my previous several entries. Do you seriously think all of us who react negatively to those stories need to be lectured on the wonderfulness of collectivism and authority? Perhaps it would be okay if home schoolers were micromanaged by the all-powerful state about what ideology they must teach and must not teach in their homes so long as the preferred ideology were conservative Catholicism and the "intolerance" parents were forbidden to teach were Protestantism!

Leftists are liars but still they are generally sounder than conservatives on Solidarity

Unless the human we are supposed to be in solidarity with happens to be in a womb...

Scott W., badum ching!

I've been gradually watching more Stanford videos, and in one of them ("Religion Matters") the host points out that the "non-violent" candidate endorsed by Stanford supports bumping off the elderly, exterminating children in the womb, and (I may not have the wording exact) turning neonates into garden mulch.

At that point Stanford gets rather hostile...


"But Oprah likes him!"

Apart from the Stanford character, the general idea of the videos makes me thank goodness for natural science. I have had several encounters with Stanford-esque humanities colleagues that have sent me rushing back, like a man looking for his dope, to my lab where there is serenity in solidarity with microbes and where facts can established apart from feelings, and where mutual agreement on truth can be reached without chasing bubbles that lift out of the foam of an opinionator's mouth to see which - IF - one does not burst in the noonday sun.

State should not have a hand in Education and before 19C most states didn't if any.
But a common culture requires a common education. So I can understand Liberals being intolerant of narrow-ness (from their perspective). Liberal strategy always has been to compensate their non-fecundity by poaching the conservative offspring.

This is a case of perfect comic timing! The Lord Mayor of London has just removed advertisements from London's buses which read "Not gay! Post-gay, ex-gay and proud. Get over it!" These a were a response to pro-gay group Stonewall 's adverts: "Some people are gay. Get over it."

Boris the Menace's reasoning?

"London is one of the most tolerant cities in the world and intolerant of intolerance."

Liberal strategy always has been to compensate their non-fecundity by poaching the conservative offspring.

We can agree on that. In American English, however, "I can understand" is usually taken to mean, "This isn't so unreasonable." Contrary to that possible conversational meaning, I consider this approach on the part of liberals to be odious.

Graham, they have no sense of irony or self-humor, do they?

Usually no. But Boris is being insidious; I've heard him argue against this type of double-speak in the past. And as a former editor of The Spectator he has published many articles criticisng secularist double-think.
But he's up for re-election at the moment, and needs the "gay vote".


I don't much care if left-handed red-heads get together for political influence. My problem is that Boris Johnson is advocating intolerance, and possibly abusing his power as mayor, to support the gay lobby. And if an English politician were to court Christian voters at a meeting like this the press would howl like scotched cats. There would be cries of "theocracy" and editorials comparing vicars to Ayatollahs.
Secularism rules in England, Scotland and Wales.

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