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False flag maneuver on the right

In 2011 Anders Behring Breivik committed the mass murder of unarmed teenagers at a political camp in Norway. (If all were as it should be in the world, Norway would have a death penalty and he would already, by now, have been solemnly executed by the rightful civil authorities.) At the time Breivik put out a "manifesto" claiming to have been influenced by Robert Spencer and blogger Fjordman as representatives of the anti-jihad movement in the West. The MSM eagerly seized upon this and blamed those who oppose the jihad as witting or unwitting inciters to murder.

Now Breivik, who is despicably evil and may also be crazy as a coot, those two not being mutually exclusive, has written a new statement claiming that he is really a Nazi and that his earlier citations of Spencer and Fjordman were deliberate attempts to send the leftist media after them in a witch hunt. The idea is that he did this because Spencer and Fjordman are not race-nationalists like Breivik himself, so he wanted to purge them and others who oppose the jihad for the "wrong" (non-racial) reasons.

This should be rather interesting news, but it is not being reported in the MSM at all. One scarcely has to wonder why. It would be an admission that they were manipulated, for they did indeed join heartily in smearing the counter-jihad movement with the moral responsibility for Breivik's evil acts.

Fjordman puts it very well:

The attacks of July 22[,] 2011 are first and foremost a story about how many families lost their loved ones due to the actions of a sadistic and deeply sick individual. However, these events were cynically exploited in a political witch-hunt, much to the satisfaction of the terrorist himself. The media who participated in this witch-hunt have so far been unable or unwilling to engage in some healthy self-criticism over their unfair smears against their ideological opponents.

And I would add: This ought to remind us that the kooks of Breivik's sort are around and that vigilance is needed. Others are probably more canny than he is and realize that co-opting counter-jihad groups, or recruiting from within them, is smarter than murdering a bunch of children as a bid for racialist power. As I put it here, if the people you are hanging out with on the Internet are creeping you out, speak up and, better yet, distance yourself.

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