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In Praise of Fathers

It is a testimony to the value of good fathers that both those who have known the love of a human father and those who have not understand at a fundamental level the importance of the father. One understands it by positive example. The other understands it by, as it were, the way of negation.

On Mothers' Day we are treated to many a wonderful encomium to mothers. Too often, Fathers' Day becomes an excuse to tell fathers what they ought to be doing (but, it is suggested, what they may not be doing), to lecture and harange. That is not how it ought to be. This is a day on which to lift up and express gratitude to all those men who have made our lives possible by being fathers to us.

We wives and mothers, too, must be sure today to thank our husbands, who love and raise our children.

Our words are too few and too faltering to express what we owe to the men who act as men--that is, to fathers. It looks as though I did better four years ago.

Honor to all fathers. By being a good father, even if you are not a believer, you model the love of the Father for your children.

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Thanks for this, Lydia.

Thank God for good fathers. It has been a blessing to me today to read on Facebook post after post after post honoring good fathers. I miss my own so much, but he is part of my life every day.

Thank you, Lydia. I thank God for good fathers, mine included. While I can legitimately see that Dad wasn't perfect as a father, I can also see that he gave me so much to be thankful for. I try to emulate him in his virtues, and build on the foundation he gave me to pass along to my children.

Well said, Tony. My father, too, is not perfect; but should I prove half the father to my children that he has been to me and my brothers, I'll have done well.

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