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Andrew Klavan on the Devil at Planned Parenthood

I don't always embed videos at What's Wrong With the World, but when I do, they're Andrew Klavan videos.

Okay, that's an exaggeration. And in fact, we usually don't embed videos, because it interferes with the visual ambience. But this is so darkly awesome (probably don't watch it with your little children around, because it's a bit scary) that it deserves to be posted for your Saturday afternoon.

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That's a hilarious video, in a gruesome way. Not for the faint of heart.

I wonder if there is a feminista out there would laugh at it. Prolly not.

"Heavily edited videos edited by heavy editors editing heavily." Brilliant.

Oh, that's a hoot! Don't miss the ticker messages rolling under Andrew!

Yes, they kept distracting me because they were so hilarious. What I love about this video is that Klavan is obviously *incredibly ticked off* at the evil of Planned Parenthood. His righteous anger comes through in a roaring flame of humor. But there's nothing smirky, self-deprecating, or even despairing about it. It's a kind of tour de force I could never pull off. We need someone like Klavan who can somehow combine humor with genuine outrage.

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