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Vincent Lambert is still alive

A positive entry for once.

I get e-mails in French (which I then put through the wretched Google auto-translate) from the Committee to Support Vincent Lambert. He is a disabled Frenchman who was slated to be dehydrated to death a couple of years ago. I blogged about him last in July, 2015. Well, guess what? He's still alive. He's not receiving the best care, but he is being fed, and at this precise moment, he doesn't seem to be in imminent danger.

I don't know the details of the whole legal situation in France and in Vincent's case. I think that an analysis by a French-speaking pro-life reporter who interviewed everybody involved might have brought out more clearly exactly how all the publicity and activism halted his scheduled death and how much danger he is in right now. Here is the online version of the latest update from the French group. If that doesn't work, try this link.

I want to bring up the fact that Vincent is still alive, due without doubt to publicity on his behalf, because at one time in the summer of 2015 an American pro-life blogger I very much admire said in a comment that supporting him was like trying to refight the 1968 election. I'm glad his parents and others didn't look at it that way. While there's life, there's hope.

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Off topic: Wyoming court decides to censure, not remove Judge Neely.

Weighing these factors, we find that Judge Neely’s misconduct warrants a public censure. We further find that Judge Neely must perform her judicial functions, including performing marriages, with impartiality. She must either commit to performing marriages regardless of the couple’s sexual orientation, or cease performing all marriage ceremonies.

This is sorta good news. Thanks. Just for future reference, my e-mail is given on my author page and is lydiamcgrew [at] gmail [dot] com. I'd prefer that info. tips be sent there rather than dropped into unrelated threads.

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