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Minimal Facts vs. Maximal Data

This Saturday, April 7, I will be doing a webinar called "Minimal Facts vs. Maximal Data" for Apologetics Academy, beginning at 3 p.m. Eastern Time. The Zoom Room will open at 2 p.m. Go here to join the meeting at that time or drop in whenever you like. Generally the whole thing goes until about 5:30 or even a bit later. There will be live Q & A.

The video will be available not long after on the Youtube channel if you want to catch it there. I will be discussing an important weakness of the "minimal facts" approach to defending the resurrection and advocating an alternative approach. I will argue that this alternative approach can be used in public presentations and debates as well as in more leisurely settings. Two blog posts on these same topics are here and here.

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Looking forward to it. Maybe I'll dust off some real zinger questions to stump you with! :-)

Oh, goody, if you do it with a camera I'll get to see what my colleague looks like finally!

(However, you can just submit a question to the host without having to appear. If you identify yourself I can tell him to look out for your question.)

For those of you poor folk who couldn't be there, it was a ROUSING success! Our esteemed Lydia McGrew was a shining beacon of smart thinking and wit. Jonathan McLatchie was a great host / offset commentator for her ideas. When it is out Youtube you should watch it.

Thank you, Tony. It should be up soon on Youtube.

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