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March 27, 2016

Happy Easter! Alleluia Anyway!

The Risen Christ, Rosso Fiorentino
The Risen Christ. Rosso Fiorentino, c.1530
This may be the silliest Easter post you've ever read. But if I'm to be silly, at least it's on a day that embodies forgiveness. I might need it from my co-bloggers at least after this.

It starts with math. No, really. Bear with me.

We all should know from high school math that anything finite divided by infinity is zero, and infinity divided by anything finite is infinity.*

But what is infinity divided by infinity?

As it turns out, it can be anything. Not any old thing -- it's not random. Each case is specific. I can still remember Mrs. Mason saying, "Sometimes it's three. Sometimes it's a billion. You have to work it out."

This is relevant because the attributes of God are infinite. He is, among other things, infinitely just and infinitely merciful. And sometimes these infinite attributes lead us to an apparent contradiction.

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