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September 10, 2021

The day life changed

I could make what follows an excuse for my not posting on here at W4 more frequently, but that would be somewhat dishonest, since I was already posting far more on Facebook and pushing hard on my Youtube channel and NT studies books even prior to April 14, the day when Everything Changed. Nonetheless, what happened on April 14 and thereafter is *one* of the reasons.

For about five months now I have not posted this publicly, but I have finally decided to do so, and it is only a partial coincidence that I'm doing so right after the attempted Biden mandate. (As a matter of fact, I posted it on Facebook just *before* that.)

My W4 colleagues have known all along, and I appreciate their discretion in keeping it to themselves until I chose to mention it.

So, just in case someone reads W4 but not Facebook, here, worded virtually identically, is what I just put up the other day:

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