What’s Wrong with the World

The men signed of the cross of Christ go gaily in the dark.


What’s Wrong with the World is dedicated to the defense of what remains of Christendom, the civilization made by the men of the Cross of Christ. Athwart two hostile Powers we stand: the Jihad and Liberalism...read more

Jeff Culbreath

Jeff Culbreath is a married father of five, a bumbling rural homesteader, and a Catholic who attends the traditional Latin Mass. A fourth-generation Californian, he is fortunate to make his home amidst the scenic pastures and orchards of the northern Sacramento Valley. He lives vicariously through his musical children, known locally as “Prairie Strings”, who perform European classical and American traditional styles of music with nine instruments between them. Mr. Culbreath is less concerned with the politics and personalities of the day than he is with religion, culture and the “permanent things”. His views are strongly influenced by the ideas of Russell Kirk, Richard Weaver, Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, John Senior, Wendell Berry, Neil Postman, G. K. Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc and many others, but above all by the social doctrine of the Catholic Church.

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