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Levity break

Although threats from American Muslims have sent Seattle resident Molly Norris into hiding, and the Center for Security Policy has just released a 177 page report confirming that domestic "stealth jihad" is a greater threat to American security than political acts of terrorism, nevertheless I feel it is time for a levity break here at W4.

I don't mean to boast or to inspire envy, for that would be rude and uncharitable, but in the video below you will get a taste of the kind of event for which I am fortunate enough to have a front row seat on a regular basis. Enjoy ...

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Here is the full title.


Given the failures of the first B team, I don't understand why anyone would use the term. Anyway Frank is a world class moon-bayer - I checked out his council of advisers - Midge Decter and Alan Keyes were noted. Neocon warmongers find new threat to America - wow, what a shock.

Jeff, stick to the music making - lots more wholesome. Folks down the way sometimes have friends over for this sort of thing and the acoustics of the valley are like being in a amphitheater.

I'll raise your levity with a side of Irish.

I'm also providing a serous song for Rob G., one of the best music scenes in film.

My favorite is the violinist in the tie.

I hope all the people were dancing. It certainly inspires that response.

Have you ever heard of a group called The 1937 Flood? They play an eclectic bleed of contry, old time jazz, and traditional music. Their rl is www.1937flood.com

I enjoyed it, Jeff.

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