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Culbreath on feminism.

Mr. Jeff Culbreath, a friend of many of us here, has a brilliant essay up on why and how to resist feminism. Go read it.

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This is a great piece. I particularly agree with the call upon everyone to resist gender-neutral language. I would go even farther than he does and say, "Resist it at every turn. Never aquiesce in this messing up of the language." In my family (one with one member, one with two) we have had two book contracts for which we have expressly obtained permission from the publisher to use generic 'he'. When we knew this to be contrary to the publisher's so-called "style" guidelines (though in fact style considerations _favor_ generic 'he'), we had the permission written into the contract before signing.

In order to make sure the ideals he espouses are not eradicated in your children, I would also add that it's almost imperative to home school. Schools (and I fear this is true of many Christian schools as well) will either deliberately or unthinkingly inculcate feminism in your children all over the place. In the public schools, of course, this is _very_ deliberate.

There are some good ideas in that article. How do we deal with the opposition? Is a good hearty laugh of mockery appropriate? Ignore it? When accused of being sexist, do we give a "Thank you kindly!" with a smile?

When accused of being sexist, simply reply that, quite to the contrary, you like sex very much.

I've actually had the delight of delivering that reply! This elicited the exasperated exclamation, "Men!"

Mr. Cella, thanks for the kind words and for linking this very inadequate essay. With respect to language, in retrospect I could have provided a masterful example by linking to just about anything you have written. Keep up the good fight.

Of course a male would resist feminism! Ha!

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