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The Jihad-sedition law.

My call last week for a Jihad-sedition law stirred up a hornet’s nest. While it was not a new idea, I often forget that what is old hat to me may be new and shocking to others. I also must take some blame for some misinterpretations — because the simple fact is that my writing, in one paragraph in particular, was a convoluted mess.

So here, in legal and more precise language, is what I propose:

An amendment to 18 U.S.C. § 2385 which, taking specific cognizance of the current threat from Islam, establishes that the preaching of Jihad is tantamount to knowing and willful advocacy of “overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States”; that whoever, in accordance with the doctrine of Jihad, “prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States” shall be “fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.”

(An additional method of accomplishing the same object would be to outlaw the promotion of sharia law. The Constitution guarantees a republican form of government; the establishment of sharia would perforce overthrow that form of government; it follows that our sedition law may criminalize the promotion of it. In short, sharia is incompatible with the republican form of government. However, for the purposes of this post, I will limit myself to the prohibition of Jihad)

Now in point of fact such an amendment to Title 18 would not change the law very much. Indeed, it seems to me reasonable to interpret current sedition law as proscribing the doctrine of Jihad. The vital thing, in my judgment, is that we declare that Jihad is unacceptable to our society; that we establish in law our intolerance of this wicked doctrine. The purpose is not just to jail Jihad-seditionists. As with any law governing morals, there is an important element of symbolism. If anyone rises to object to symbolism, let him investigate the common activity of the Congress of the United States, or indeed the common activity of any legislature.

Let him also consider well the controversy that would greet the introduction, and ultimate passage, of such a bill. Let him consider how the world would interpret it. Let him consider, finally, how our enemies would interpret it.

I would like every radical imam, preparing to deliver his Friday sermon, to be keenly aware that ranging into a discussion of the Jihad, as a “collective duty” for the whole ummah, or as an “individual duty” for all “able-bodied” Muslim men (in the classical formulations), could land him in prison or subject him to a considerable fine. I would like every online recruiter or pamphleteer, whose task is to radicalize and propagandize the apolitical Muslim and transform him into an agent of the Jihad, to know that his treachery has no protection under our First Amendment. As I wrote last week, I would like that faction I have called Totalitarian Islam to “stand naked” before the law “without the shelter of the civil liberties which it seeks to obliterate.”

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"my writing, in one paragraph in particular, was a convoluted mess"


In that case I am not quite sure I am ready for the 10th Crusade (I'm still bogged down in the 9th Crusade).

Are you aware there exists a picture of that wild and fun lovin' guy G. K. Chesterton, "dressed as a Wild West gunslinger slouching next to famed atheist Bertrand Russell, who is also dressed as a gunslinger"?

Paul, I think you're completely right in this proposal. I'd be even more inflammatory than you, because Islam without the teaching of the subjugation of the infidel and the establishment of sharia is Islam divorced from important teachings of its texts and traditions from the outset. Of course, religions _have_ "reformed" or "remade" themselves radically and ditched central teachings and traditions in the process. Speaking for myself, I'd rather that Episcopalians who don't believe in the virgin birth didn't call themselves Christians. It would be useful for purposes of historical clarity, if nothing else.

It won't be passed, but man, would it be righteous and good. If only.

"any written or printed matter"

It seems this limits the crime to written materials only. How would Friday preaching fall under it (assuming no written material was handed out)?

The only legitimate means to deal with the subversive elements (advancing Sharia Law and Jihad)of Islam is to clarify and declare that it is seditious and treasonous. Islamic imperialism does not accept the democratic process or the freedoms it guarantees. Any one promoting the advancement of Sharia Law needs to be deported. It may be difficult for a Muslim to separate his/her belief from advancement of Sharia Law. But the freedom of choice of belief - even Islam, needs to be defended for the individual.

Though you are right about forcing Political Islam to stand naked before the law it seeks to destroy, no rights should be arbitrarily removed from any group otherwise "we" the defenders of civilization are no better than they!

The real difficulty of aggressionist Islam lies across the seas where angry mullahs unrestrained by Western laws preventing incitement to commit murder and vandalism, use Western nationals and members of non-Islamic faiths as hostages. Priests and nuns, as well as little children have been murdered in the defense of Islamic 'honor'. No criticism of the perfect religion, perfect prophet or perfect imams is permitted on pain of assassination. The way to fight these people is on the internet, by writing books exposing them, and films that reveal their supremacism.

Most Muslims today are non-practicing and many of these have already lost their faith. They are disgusted with the terrorists, but are afraid to be the next targets. We should be supporting groups that help Muslims to leave Islam.

The recent death fatwa issued against the South Park cartoonists by an American Muslim convert is yet more reason for the institution of jihad-sedition laws in the US.

Brothers and Sisters and other concerned citizens:

America gives billions of dollars to egypt, Afganistan and other Mulim countries, including directly to the Mulim Brotherhood who vow to kill Christians and Jews and other "Infidels" , so I propose that America give money, food, medicine and other humanitarian aid to only those nations that respect their citizens religious liberty and who share our values. Those nations that want to kill us and destroy our way of life should not be supported in any way by American tax payers.

If a nation refuses to respect and support freedom and religious expression then we must pull away until that nation's people demand that their government change its course and support the people and their liberties at which time we will resume our aid that thatnation. When we give aid, most of which goes to the government and others terrorists, we defeat the movement for freedom. If we refrain from providing aid to the government and provide support only to the freedom fighters humanitarian and military, we support freedom and a better life for millions of citizens of countries currently which are brutal tot heir citizens, especially Christians and Jews.

Stand together and defend fredom. Go to www.stophhs.com to defend Religious Liberty. Encourage ten others to do the same. God bless you. Peace, Peter ~

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