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How Not To Construct A Sequitur

That’s not to say that a patriotic American couldn’t oppose the Hiroshima bombing, but I wonder if Zippy’s ethics leave any place for a human being to fairly treat others unequally. His opposition to Islam seems toothless, making his allegiance even to Christendom strong only in theory. His allegiance to America must logically be even weaker.

That is quite a lot to deduce from the premise "it is always evil to kill the innocent". After all, I have monarchist tendencies (though I don't see how one could legitimately come about in America within the next few generations) and in the same thread being criticized I expressed my moral sanguinuity about the institution of slavery, at least properly understood. Savage may be right though that my patriotism for America isn't rooted in anything ideological or logical or (dare I say it) positivist, but consists of a love of my particular people with its own concrete history and tradition, much like the love I have for family and clan.

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I have posted my comments on the thread at Brave New World watch.

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