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City Journal and immigration

“I’m embarrassed it took me so long,” writes Myron Magnet, “to grasp the phoniness of the charge that it’s ‘anti-immigration’ to oppose current U.S. immigration policy and the even worse ‘comprehensive reform’ bill, which thankfully failed.” This confession appears (subscription required) in the current number of The American Spectator, that fine magazine’s 40th anniversary issue.

He goes on to restate, with clarity, simplicity and deftly-marshaled evidential support, the enforcement-by-attrition approach to the immigration crisis in America. We need no “comprehensive” legislative reform. We need steady enforcement of current law, against both illegals and their abettors in business, government, and elsewhere. We need to be disabused of some stale clichés and sophistries, beginning with the one about the net benefit of mass immigration. Our immigration policy must rest unequivocally on American national interest.

Mr. Magnet is the former editor of the highly-respected New York-based City Journal. His arguments will not fall on deaf ears. This is, after all, the journal that was the intellectual muscle behind the astonishing transformation of New York City, which was one of the signal achievements of the last fifteen years in American political science, and which is the most solid pillar of accomplishment supporting the presidential campaign of Rudy Giuliani. For City Journal to throw in with the immigration skeptics is an indication of how far we’ve come from the heady days when Platitude was King.

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