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Happy Birthday to W4

Somehow I missed until today the fact that What's Wrong with the World has just passed its first birthday. We went official and public on May 1, 2007. One of our first posts, perhaps the first, as near as I can figure, was this very fine piece by our editor, Paul Cella. It was put up just before we invited everyone over. I think of it often.

I want to thank Paul for his leadership and my fellow contributors for all your work. And thanks to our readers, without whom, etc. And once again a hearty thanks and three cheers to Todd McKimmey, our generous site owner.

A happy Mother's Day to all the moms in sound of my cybervoice. And a blessed Pentecost to everyone, too.

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Yeah, happy birthday. As much as I screech in some of the comments sections, I do enjoy this blog.

Congratulations! This has become one of my favorite blogs. You are all never afraid to speak your minds and demand that things be set right -- no matter how far away we are from what's right. When I get dismayed by the unwillingness of other blogs to oppose modern trends without unfortunate qualifications, I can always count on coming back here and finding a bit of militancy on behalf of the old Christendom!

Happy Birthday! I love your style here. I am now going to sit back and see how this innocent post is somehow turned into a rebattling of the Reformation. ;-)

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