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God bless America

A joyful Independence Day (July 4) to my fellow Americans and friends of America and W4. If someone wants to suggest a cool image for this post and tell me, in easy instructions for the techno-challenged, how to imbed it, I'll be grateful.

Only positive comments allowed. No gloom.

By the way, it's a lovely day in my part of the world. I can't remember having such a beautiful July 4 before in the entire thirteen years I've lived here. It's sunny but not hot. (That's what a Yankee thinks of as a lovely July 4.)

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Well, I'm looking at our two major party candidates, and I'm thinking that old George III is looking pretty good right about now.



It isn't even that I don't sympathize (though not actually about George III per se), but I do think we shd. have one day when we can reflect on how blessed we are to be Americans.

Looks like Mother Nature may give us a fireworks show here in the mid-atlantic, though we may have to watch from indoors. We'll see.

I went to a fireworks show a week or two ago, and an isolated thunderstorm crept up about ten or twenty miles away. As a stand-alone fireworks show it was probably middle-to-good, but with the counterpoint of the thunderstorm hurling lightning and thunder it was just spectacular -- it was dramatically obvious Who had more power, yet there was this dance of man and nature. The one thing weather-wise I didn't like about my ten years in California was that there were almost never thunderstorms.

We are very blessed to live in this country, yea even with all her faults and trials, and we should never forget it.

I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day now. Everyone have a great 4th!

I agree with you, Lydia! What I posted at my own weblog for today:

God Bless the USA

I'm too tired to write anything profound today, but I do want to note that I'm deeply grateful to live in America. Believe me, I am aware of our faults as much as anyone. But there's no place better that I know of, no place I could love as well. I have been challenged by the best of the values our country holds as ideals, and I stand humbled before those like my grandfather, my father, my son who have given of their service so we can remain free to pursue those ideals. May we return to God, and to the many in every walk of life who make our freedom possible, the honor of using it for the sake of unselfish righteousness.

It was good weather, a nice long nap, a decent bit of reading, smores and cheesy fireworks with the kids for me. A good day.

Well, we got rained on, but the thunder and lightning had moved on by the time of the Main Street fireworks show. I've been to many places and seen many things, but there is nothing else quite like small town Americana on the fourth of July, even in the rain. I love Rome, and Barcelona, and the Isle of Skye, and many other places and people; Dubrovnik, Croatia is not to be missed if you get the chance to go there, and the little island of Lokrum where Richard the Lionheart took refuge briefly as he made his way back from his confrontation with Saladin. But there is no place quite like home.

Hang on tight to the red shoes!!

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