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Vacation Photo

I'm still mostly AWOL from the online world, at least relatively speaking. But I thought I would share a vacation photo, taken earlier today at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Enjoy.

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That's hilarious.

Wesley J. Smith was mentioning (but I don't have time to grab the link) recently that there is now some new conjecture floating around about sunspot activity and possible global cooling. So they maybe should just leave the exhibit the way it is!

If you exclude the biased weather stations such as this one that has air conditioning exhaust blowing on it, then we have a cooling trend on the remaining stations that matches the cooling data from weather satellites.

It seems to me that Milankovitch cycles cause earths climate variations; a combination of orbital eccentricity, variations in axial tilt and the precession of the equinoxes. It stands to reason that when it’s winter during our closest approach to the sun the South Seas will moderate the temperature but when it happens in summer variations will be more extreme due to the greater northern land mass. It’s hard to believe what we do on earth will have a greater effect than the combined gravitational pull of the recent alignment of the planets pulling us into a higher orbit relative to the sun.

the combined gravitational pull of the recent alignment of the planets pulling us into a higher orbit relative to the sun.

Really? Should we all run out and buy new calenders? No biggie,
I forget the inverse square law sometimes too.

Back to reality, Jupiter should be spectacular tonight.


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