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Humiliating Manuel

In what now passes for "comedy" at the BBC...

...(and please note that what follows is NSFW)...

...Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross call up Andrew Sachs (a.k.a. Manuel the Waiter of Fawlty Towers, now 78) to tell him that one or the other of them (I'm not sure which) has "f***'ed your grand-daughter."

One might almost think that nothing is sacred, any more.

Melanie Phillips reports.

btw - for me, the most eye-opening element in this story is not the ever-accellerating slide of the BBC into the sewer (like that's any surprise!), but the fact that Manuel is now 78.

And Basil is now 69. And Sybil is 76. And Polly (Polly!) is 64.


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Shocking, but I'm afraid the US is nearing that level. The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror episode contained sections more fit for the bathhouse-- scenes of George Washington wedding, and kissing erotically, Abraham Lincoln in a dress; insinuations about Lincoln being a promiscuous homosexual in a sham marriage, topped by Lincoln's cupping his hand to Homer's rear as they walk off. Oh, and it aired in my area at about 7:15 pm.

I'm amazed there hasn't been more controversy on this show. The Simpsons is obviously long past its prime and no longer attracts family viewing. But why are people so passive? Have attempts at decency been crippled by Fox Entertainment's connections to Fox News?

What did the FCC do under the Bush administration, except retaliate for the Janet Jackson incident? Did people fear being called the "American Taliban"? Who declared surrender?

The last classic comedy series on the BBC was 'Allo 'Allo. It was not for family viewing though. After that all it was almost all downhill, notwithstanding exceptions such as Rumpole. I suspect the decline in comedy value had a lot to do with the dead hand of the PC commisariat.

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