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On the Irrepressibility of Conscience

You never can tell about people, of course, but the truth is that you can tell a whole lot more about people - and I include myself here - than we would like to admit. That thought regularly crosses my mind when I read certain blogs.

We know what Catholics who endorsed Obama would be busy doing if their reasons for doing so, however objectively flawed in my view, were fully sincere. And to the credit of some, we do see evidence of that misguided sincerity. On the other hand there are things we should expect as the result of the pangs of a guilty conscience; and we see plenty of that too.

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Guilty conscience, indeed. Those last two articles seem to be tinged with relativism: attempts to justify one's own mistakes by pointing out the mistakes of others.

Yes, nothing like a little liberal moral equivalence to go with the turkey leftovers.

Stop reading Vox Nova. It only encourages them.

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