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The Christendom Review

Bill Luse, formerly a contributor here at What’s Wrong with the World, has launched a new project with some old friends: an online journal called The Christendom Review. High polemics, philosophy, literature, poetry, art — no aspect of the life of the mind will be forgotten on this site. The first number, for instance, features two wonderful short stories, and plenty of good poetry, including one of Bill’s own compositions. Here is a portion of the note he sent me:

A section of the first issue is devoted to Smith Kirkpatrick, the man who taught [editor Richard Barnett] and me how to write. Though he will be unfamiliar to many W4 readers, I still think they might enjoy some of the essays. Or, as I say in the editors’ note: “Many, perhaps most, readers did not know him, but we believe that if you give the reminiscences here collected a fair chance, you might wish that you had.” Mention should be made of the fact that you and Lydia have articles therein, and that there is also fiction, poetry and art to accomplish our desired goal, that “...all readers...find somewhere in these pages a place of rest, a point of insight or exhilaration, a sign of hope and grace, some encouragement that the life of letters, and of all art, still has a message to bear in the bloodstream of our society; and that, in the hands of good men and women, it might yet remain one of the higher gestures of love for our fellows.” And lastly, offer our deepest thanks to our webmaster, Todd McKimmey.

The Christendom Review. Long may it prosper.

Comments (4)

Bill's essay on Smith Kirkpatrick was a work of beauty.

His poem is excellent too.

This looks like a truly worthy endeavor.

I appreciate that Step 2.

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