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A Blast From the Past

Did you know that there are about thirty seconds worth of actual film footage of the funeral of Queen Victoria, in February, 1901?

I didn't know that, until I started trying to work up a post (or series of posts) comparing & contrasting the musical culture of a hundred years ago to that of today - complete with illustrative music videos...

Anyway, I've incorporated said film footage into my new YouTube vid (starting at about 1:56):

Enjoy the music, if you can. More later.

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Oh, and if you've got a broadband connection, definitely click on the "HQ" button - somewhat better sound, and much better video.

Wow. Check out the _horses_ in that video. They're beautiful. Seriously.

Ignorant question: Is that a statue of Queen Victoria at the end?

If one is of a mind to mourn what has been lost, contrast - purely as a mental exercise, as actually tracking down the video might induce a state of despondency - this footage with virtually any aspect of the funeral of Princess Diana. One shudders....

This was great. Thanks for posting it. From where did you source the footage?


One advantage of having Mr. Steve Burton around is that even a philistine like me can gradually accumulate a "best music of Western civilization" library.

Nicely done, Steve!

For anyone who's interested in Elgar, Amazon has a five CD box-set of his orchestral works conducted by Barbirolli on sale right now for $23. I've not heard all of these performances, but the ones I have heard are very good. The set includes the famous Jacqueline DuPre cello concerto, and the Janet Baker 'Sea Pictures.'


That was stunning! Your use of panning and slow close-ups reminds me of Ken Burns. I think I would have enjoyed living in Victorian England and serving the Empire.

Lydia - yes, it's strangely & powerfully moving to see these magnificent animals, all long dead, tossing their heads so proudly...

And yes - that is Queen Victoria's monument at the end.

Maximos - that is *the* comparison *juste.* From Rule, Britannia, to Cool Britannia, in an historical eyeblink.

Jason Goroncy: the best source that I've been able to find for this footage is here:


Zippy & Jeff Singer: you are both much too kind.

Rob G: Barbirolli's performances of Elgar are nonpareil. But Elgar, no matter how well performed & recorded, is not a composer to be recommended lightly to the uninitiated. A point that I hope to expand on soon.

"Elgar, no matter how well performed & recorded, is not a composer to be recommended lightly to the uninitiated."

Good point. Still, he's not Mahler. ;-)

Hey, I think that Elgar's a much tougher nut than Mahler to crack. He certainly was for me.

Mahler hits you over the head with his deepest feelings. Elgar *conceals* his.

He was a very strange and elusive character.

Interesting. I warmed up to Elgar fairly quickly. Mahler, I still don't get (other than the adagios, which I love).

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