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Resistance is futile

This spoof commercial is sufficiently funny that I've decided, a bit against my better judgement, to link it here. Ther'e's nothing wrong with the commercial. I'm just not sure what commentary it might generate.

It has some fun with the campaign of a certain Republican Primary candidate whose name rhymes with "Don Ball." I post it as someone who has some sympathy for gold standard arguments but who finds this really amusing.

Please understand that creepy followers of the above candidate (who are his worst enemies, in my opinion) may find their comments deleted with prejudice. I also beg the rest of you to please observe caution in referring to the candidate, as I'd rather not call down the Google bots upon us.

The commercial is going to be aired eventually on the James Allen Show, a talk radio show out of Phoenix, and is linked with permission. As it happens, I'm scheduled to be interviewed on the show on February 1 beginning at around 8:15 or so, Phoenix time.

Enjoy the link and remember--don't try to resist the New World Order.

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My federally issued microchip found that slightly offensive, but it is really jealousy since my microchip is first generation, old school conspiracy theorizing. These new kinds are much more powerful and (stops, whirring sound)...Supreme Google, what do command?


Good stuff! I have a gold-bug friend in the Phoenix area (this is the kind of guy who is a huge "Don Ball" fan and attended a recent "End the Fed" rally down there) who sent me this funny spoof of central banking that I think you'll enjoy.

And I enjoy all of this despite the fact that so far I remain unconvinced that fractional banking and fiat money are BAD, as my friend is determined to prove to me before we both get old and die.

Step2, the Supreme Google says, "Repeat after me: There is no such thing as world hegemony. There is no..."

I'll check it out, Jeff. :-)

I hope I'm not one of the creepy supporters, not being a conspiracy theorist or anything like that, and not exactly being whole-hog on the gold standard.

Let me just say that spot was a stroke of genius!

Glad you're not a conspiracy theorist, D.W. In my opinion, the weird coming-together of conspiracy theorists and that candidate's campaign was in one sense an unfortunate coincidence. On the other hand, I'm developing a theory of my own according to which all of us (and here I include myself) who gradually become non-mainstream within their own group (e.g., ultra-conservative conservatives) have to watch it good and hard that we don't somehow find ourselves making common cause with conspiracy theorists and nutcases. I don't entirely understand why this seems to happen, but it's just an empirical fact that it does seem to happen.

I don't quite understand the rational behind running the commercial. Isn't it approx. a year too late?

You know, it may sound a little too late, but there are still persons campaigning for 2008 Pres Primary for R.P. They were cont. to campaign for him even AFTER he dropped out. They have the fervor of zealots. I believe that this commercial is relevant and responds to them in a witty way.

I listened to a show of his after hearing this, and I figured that they would be like every other shock jock, but his show were informative and kept me interested.

HAHAHA... Where can I hear more of that?

(who are his worst enemies, in my opinion)

Mine too. Well, them, and the fact that he seems disinclined to distance himself from them.

There's no special point in running it. Evidently it was made just recently, it was sent to me for my amusement, and I was amused and thought it would be fun to blog. That's really all.

Anyone wanting some good laughs should try this site out. Great parody of a mental prison from which no original thoughts can escape;

It seems our own Mr. Singer writes for that site. Perhaps a little less polemic is in order.

I find certain aspects of RP's platform a little odd, and the obsessiveness of some of his supporters even more odd, but I must say that I found his book 'The Revolution' quite thought-provoking and well worth a look.

Are you saying the only acceptable targets for barbed humor are gold-bugs who pine for the America predating the Louisiana Purchase and fret about black helicopters?

If your point is that advocates for the armed exportation of democratic capitalism are out of bounds since they only produce tragedy, I'd might agree. However, if you are saying Jeff is too fragile for my criticism of the company he keeps and the stands he takes, I'll say you're wrong and ask you to reply without resorting to the sensitivity-trainer shtick. Such a tact may betray your own tendency to mistake the polemical for the personal.

Oh, come, chaps, let's keep our sense of humor, if we have one. I'll admit that a phrase like "building a conservatism that can win again" arouses all my suspicions of a sub-movement that seeks to marginalize the social issues, which is not my brand of conservatism (and won't win, I might add), but I'm pleasantly surprised to see commentator Jeff Singer blogging and am willing for the moment not to jump on the new site, and especially not in what is meant to be an actual humor thread.

I'll admit that a phrase like "building a conservatism that can win again" arouses all my suspicions

Anything attached to the neo-cons should be seen for what it is; a craven accomodation with Liberalism. Frum will perpetuate the empty, Coke vs Pepsi dichtomy and in a few years tout a David Cameron or Steve Harper squish who will jettison the "divisive" social issues, while maintaining the current political- economic settlement of a militarized and overstretched Empire abroad and secular, multi-cultural Babel at home. Give the NY Times credit they dropped Kristol because the ruse was impossible to maintain under his byline. Having hollowed out conservatism and leaving it in smoking ruins, Krsitol issued his swan song as he folllows the leftward direction of the zeitgeist and returns home to Power;

Still, there will be trying times during Obama’s presidency, and liberty will need staunch defenders. Can Obama reshape liberalism to be, as it was under F.D.R., a fighting faith, unapologetically patriotic and strong in the defense of liberty? That would be a service to our country.

Anything attached to the neo-cons should be seen for what it is; a craven accomodation with Liberalism.

The same can be said regarding those who would foolishly associate themselves with this modern day's new men.

As one rather sympathetic to him "who shall not be named," I found this hilarious. It's golden throughout, but I like the "Brought to you by the Zionist Neocons" bit at the end the best . . . it was like eating a slightly warm fresh homemade waffle cone after downing two yummy scoops.

Yeah, I thought they did it classily, Joseph. It had a good touch. Not strained.

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