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Throw Them Back in the Frozen Hudson

That is my suggestion for what to do with Fred Berretta, Tess Sosa, and George Morgado. And toss in Antonio Sales and Gabrielle Glenn with them.

How pathetic. Any of these ingrates who actually sues the airline deserves to be permanently ejected from the society of civilized men. I especially can't believe Sosa, the lives of whose husband and young children were also saved by the heroic professionalism of Captain Sullenberger, First Officer Skiles, and the consummate professionals at US Airways.

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They willfully conduct a transaction with the airline to board one of their planes, the flight is compromised because of a flock of geese (something totally beyond the airline's control), the employees of the airline literally save their lives with a miraculous crash landing in a river, and they turn around and whine because they didn't get enough free crap. Disgusting, worthless, and thoroughly modern behavior.

I saw this coming. Not these particular people, but somebody. I knew somebody would do it.

Okay, look, there's not enough room for me and people like this in the same country. Something has to give.

I know that we have become a gimme-gimme-gimme culture, but this is beyond unbelievable. I wouldn't even have expected to be paid for my luggage (unless it's from the airline's insurance money, I suppose, which is nice of them to have) -- I'd have been delighted to get home alive. I hope the airline doesn't give them one thing more after having given them more than they needed to in the first place . . . I just can't take in the arrogance and self-absorption required for such commentary (and I am very personally familiar with both sins, sad to say) . . . . What do they *want* anyway? Lifetime free flights and a couple million bucks for trauma endured? Whatever happened to the simple virtue of gratefulness?

People believe that they are owed damages in an abstract sense. I know from conversations I have had with someone in my own family on this question that the question of fault does not even enter into it in some people's minds. The Universe owes them if something unpleasant has happened to them in the course of their life and if someone can even be thought of to be sued.


Okay, look, there's not enough room for me and people like this in the same country. Something has to give.

We'll keep you. On exactly those terms. ;)

Hi Lydia, I've had dealings with some people who keep themselves personally insulated from their business while not carrying any [or carrying minimal] insurance just to avoid having a deep pocket to go after. When someone believes that the payoff has potential, they are inclined to go for it even if it's not justified. An unfortunate event becomes an opportunity to win the lottery at the expense of whoever has the coverage to pay--whether actually negligent/responsible or not.

The Blagojevich mentality. Recall:

"I’ve got this thing and it’s f-ing golden, and, uh, uh, I’m just not giving it up for f-in’ noth­ing. I’m not gonna do it."

It's not enough to kill all the lawyers, some of the litigants may have to go also.
Then again if a settlement does come to pass perhaps the airline can discount the estimated value of the lives of the suitors, with their input as a guide.

I do presume these people believe the airline holds responsibility for the geese.

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