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TLS on radio

New Jersey readers and podcast listeners everywhere might be interested to know that I will be on The Jeff Whitaker Show Thursday at about 3:35 pm Eastern time to discuss The Last Superstition. Tune in and see if I can boil down 2,500 years of philosophy into 25 minutes, including commercials. With a head cold.

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May God be glorified (and may your cold relent!). Prayers are with you, Dr. Feser.

Great, Ed. (About the show, not your cold.) Be sure to get us a link if they put it up somewhere later, too. I'm getting a "you need a Twitter password" message when I go to the site, and I don't have a Twitter password, so I hope that doesn't mean I will be unable to listen to it.

The Last Superstition is in my shopping cart, looking forward to it. Thank you.

I bought TLS, read it, and am now re-reading it a bit more carefully. I am deeply impressed by it and intend to send you a lengthy email when I am finished for the second time. Good luck tomorrow!

I mean today.

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