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Fodor and Aquinas on the Extended Mind Thesis

For those W4 readers interested in contemporary academic philosophy of mind (all three of you), here is my Thomistic take on Jerry Fodor's take on a recent development in that field.

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Welcome to the future of minds Dr. Feser -

For heaven's sake, nobody has called me out on the April Fool's prank. What does it take to get you folks to loosen up?

I've always thought Rene Descartes was a dead ringer for Sean Connery.

I liked Fodor's comparison of EMT,Chalmers/Clark variety, to his vacuum cleaner. If a notebook or cell phone why not?

But is not the more grounded EMT nothing more than a realistic metaphysics, of the kind a Searle, Nicholas Rescher, or going back a bit Thomas Reid, would espouse? Fodor in Hume Variations, which I've just begun, takes what appears to be a hard core realist/externalist position.

In any case, what ever the name, a welcome antidote to the various branches of scepticism and subjectivism regnant for so long.

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