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Book of the Year

I’ve just learned that The Last Superstition has been named the Book of the Year in Religion by ForeWord Magazine. (I had reported on its nomination back in March.)

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Congratulations, Ed! Can you tell us a bit about ForeWord?

Outstanding! Congratulations, Ed!

Molto bene.

Congrats, Ed!

It was the Beckwith endorsement that did it, I swear. :-)

Just jivin' ya' bro'. Nice work, and congratulations.


Good for you!

Now, where's my free copy?

That was a pretty good week, strewth!

Great news. Congratulations.

I would like to ask for your prayers for my Mom, who passed away this morning due to brain cancer. She was devout and died in the arms of the Church (the last thing she received by mouth was Holy Communion). Your prayers for a quick final purification are appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks, everyone. Very kind!

Tim, ForeWord is a trade journal directed at librarians and booksellers and devoted to reviewing books published by independent and university presses. So, hopefully this will increase the visibility of the book at bookshops and in libraries.

Tony, my prayers are with you, your family, and with the soul of your mother, whose death in the bosom of Holy Mother Church can only be a great comfort. God bless you.

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